America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day - Friday, November 15, 2024

If you have ever looked at the landfills, you’ll see countless amounts of waste that pollute the earth and the surrounding neighborhoods. If that makes you want to cry, then there is one option of many that give you the opportunity to initiate change in your life and others. America Recycles Day is just that day to take a pledge to recycle your used products and piling waste. If you care about the earth and hope to eventually stop the destruction of it, then let’s learn about America Recycles Day.

History of America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day originally started back in 1997 by the National Recycling Coalition. This holiday is declared each year by Presidential Proclamation, which encourages Americans to recycle and is nationally-recognized. In 2009, America Recycles Day is hosted by the Keep America Beautiful initiative. Weeks beforehand up until this date, many communities promote this holiday by advocating environmental citizenship and taking action to convince people to make recycling a part of their daily lives. It also educates people about the importance of recycling for our economies and environmental health, hoping that eventually, people will become “every day” recyclers.

Keep America Beautiful offers to help host events for local communities and allows people to take pledges to try recycling and stay recycling. They also offer a Recycling@Work program which allows individuals to recycle at their workforce. This day also helps create more jobs, as according to the EPA, the recycling rate has increased to 34 percent, accounting for at least 757,000 jobs and produced $36 billion in wages. The EPA and Keep America Clean both advocate for this national holiday by teaching people how to properly manage their waste and make more use out of the bottles, cans, and non-disposables for a more eco-friendly household.

How to Celebrate America Recycles Day

Participating in America Recycles Day is easy because it starts off with every day finding items you don’t use and that can be recycled and recycling them. However, this takes a daily effort and dedication to this act. If you want, you can host an event through the Keep America Beautiful Website and start educating people about recycling. You can also create social media posts using the hashtag #AmericaRecyclesDay to create awareness for the effects of not recycling and the harm it is doing to yourself, your communities, and overall the planet. So, try making that commitment and see where it takes you.

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