Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week

Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week - November 4-10, 2024

Animals People & Relationships

The Animals & Society Institute, an organization that studies and promotes human-animal relationships, will be celebrating our first ever Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week, in the second week of November (November 13-19, 2016). We would be very grateful if you would list this on your calendar of animal-related holidays.

The goal for this week is to raise awareness of the importance of human-animal relationships, and to highlight both the benefits of, and potential problems associated with, these relationships. ASI’s goal is to improve and expand knowledge about the variety of human-animal relationships in order to order to create safer and more compassionate communities for all—people and animals.

We have a variety of educational messages that we will be unveiling that week, as well as some exciting opportunities for people who want to get involved.

Also on Mon Nov 4, 2024...

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