Operation Santa Paws

Operation Santa Paws - December 2023

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Animals serve an important part in our lives, being those friends and companions that give us love unconditionally. They protect our homes, and are there whenever we need them, asking for nothing but love and tenderness in exchange for all they give. Operation Santa Paws Day is a reminder that we need to return that love, and remember them at this most special time of year.

Every year there is a rush of animals that, through abuse and neglect, wind up abandoned in shelters and animal rescues everywhere. All too often they’re given as birthday or Christmas gifts, and simply abandoned as the shine wears off the newest puppy or the kitten gets grown up. Whatever the case, millions of animals world-wide end up in shelters, and there simply isn’t enough resources to support them all. This is where Operation Santa Paws Day comes in.

History of Operation Santa Paws 

This holiday was organized by Justin Rudd in 2001, this holiday was originally put together in Long Beach, California to help support their local shelters and rescues. While anyone can choose to participate by donating new toys, treats, food or money to help keep these dedicated servants of the animal public going. Justin has spread his campaign far and wide, getting stores nationwide to participate in this humanitarian effort.

How to celebrate Operation Santa Paws 

Celebrating Operation Santa Paws days can happen in a number of ways, from those already mentioned to more dedicated efforts. This holiday is about the animals, but without the support of those individuals who love them and dedicate themselves to their welfare, there’d be nowhere for them to go. When you stop by with your donation of supplies for the furry residents of your local shelter, don’t forget to bring down some tokens of thanks for these hard working saviors of our favorite little beasties.

Operation Santa Paws is still primarily operating out of California, but with the efforts of friends and companies, this phenomena can spread. Visit your local stores and enlist their help in collecting supplies, ask if you can put out a collection poster and post a wish list at their locations. (These things are available on http://www.hautedogs.org/santapaws as templates). Also, be sure to contact the shelters in your area that will benefit from your efforts, and let them know they have an ally in their mission to help animals.

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