​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month - October 2023

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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is recognized each October through educational events, community gatherings, and support groups. In 2018, the Domestic Violence Awareness Project developed a unified theme: #1Thing. The purpose of this campaign is to remind everyone that ending domestic violence starts with just one small action, whether that is seeking help or sharing resources.

​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month timeline


​Domestic violence victims total 10 million per year

According to a CDC survey, 20 Americans experience intimate partner physical violence every minute. That totals around 10 million victims per year.​


​​Major legislation was passed

The U.S. passed two additional Violence Against Women Acts in 2000 and 2005.


First National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The push for change began


The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence was established

The NCADV, a nonprofit, was established to serve as the voice of victims and survivors.


Tennessee outlawed violence against spouses​

Other states followed suit shortly thereafter.

​4 Signs You're Experiencing Abuse

  1. ​Your partner threatens or tries to control you

    ​This can be anything from making you feel inadequate to telling you what to wear or how to look.

  2. ​You partner controls your money

    Keeping cash or credit cards away from you, or discouraging you from working is unacceptable.

  3. ​Your partner isolates you

    Cutting you off from family and friends makes you even more dependent on your partner and could be a sign of abuse.​

  4. ​Your partner physically abuses you

    This is a serious crime regardless of your relationship status.

How to Observe ​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  1. Participate in an event

    The Domestic Violence Awareness Project and other organizations will hold events throughout the month. Participate — whether or not this issue has touched you directly.

  2. Take the community pledge

    Take the #1Thing community pledge to stand up against domestic violence, speak up against victim-bullying, listen to victims, and change one thing in your community to end domestic violence.

  3. Post on social media

    Head to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to find sample posts to use on social media. These include resources and toolkits you can share with your followers.

Why ​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month is Important

  1. It inspires change

    National Domestic Violence Awareness Month encourages those in abusive relationships to get help. The month isn't just about learning, it's about doing.

  2. Victims need our support

    Millions of Americans are domestic violence victims. They need our support to move beyond the abuse.

  3. It's about facts

    The month aims to educate Americans about what is considered domestic violence. It also reinforces a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to abuse.

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