National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month - January 2024

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Success comes with learning and what better way than with a mentor! Thanking your mentors might feel a little silly or embarrassing, but gratefulness goes a long way. The custom of mentoring is so traditional it even dates back before Greek mythology. In the book, “The Odyssey,” there is a character—called the mentor—whose sole purpose is to guide others in life. Mentoring does not only include professional development. You can also be mentored in beauty, life skills, craftsmanship and hobbies. January is best known for National Mentoring Month and giving your time back to those who help you.

National Mentoring Month timeline


Technology Defines a Generation

With the use of new technology, many millennial and gen-x generations focused the use of mentoring on individual development, instead of a career shift.


The International Mentoring Association is Formed

One of the largest mentoring programs today was first started by a small group of individuals interested in connecting youth to older mentors in Michigan.

750 B.C.E

The Creation of the Word Mentor

The word mentor is believed to arise from the "Mentor" character from Homer’s

Best Mentor/Mentee Relationships In The Movies

  1. "Good Will Hunting"

    Sean Maguire and Will Hunting

  2. "Harry Potter"

    Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter

  3. "The Karate Kid"

    Mr. Miyagi and Daniel

  4. "Star Wars"

    Yoda and Luke

  5. "Rocky"

    Micky and Rocky Balboa

National Mentoring Month Activities

  1. Be a mentor for someone

    Join a mentoring program if available in your city, or be a helping hand to someone who needs assistance. The best part about being a mentor is that there is no age limit. Excel in one skill and it can be taught to others.

  2. Find a mentor to guide you

    Decide what goals you want to achieve. If the goals are professional improvements, search for a mentor in your work place. Finding a mentor will be easier to find once you know what goals to achieve.

  3. Treat the mentors in your life

    Thank your mentor with a nice gift this month, or take them out for lunch. Mentors tend to be very patient and deserve all the appreciation given to them. Even if money is an issue the simple gesture of thanking them for their time and work in you makes all the difference.

Why We Love National Mentoring Month

  1. Mentoring creates unity

    Mentoring allows people to grow and improve themselves. It brings people from all walks of life together. Goals are so much more attainable when there is a mentor who helps you accomplish your vision.

  2. Seeking a mentor builds courage

    National Mentoring Month is a great way to introduce yourself to others and build courage. It can be daunting to ask someone to mentor you, but it all starts with what you want to succeed in.

  3. Mentor others to help your community

    Many states offer chances for young people to join mentoring communities. Even if you are changing professions or are looking for a new start the mentoring programs allow for people of all ages to meet others to help them to achieve their goals.

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