National Pets for Veterans Day

National Pets for Veterans Day - Saturday, October 21, 2023

Cause Friendship Military Pet

It all started with a dog named Bear. Bear was quite the ham and knew how to interact differently based on the individual needs of the Veterans. He would lie quietly on the bed if needed or put his paws up to encourage others. This led many Veterans to ask if they could take Bear home with them.  Bear’s owner thought, “why is therapy one hour a week inside when it could be 24/7 at home?” Since Bear was spoken for, his owner thought she could help more veterans find their own Bear to help them rehabilitate. To spread the word, we’re celebrating Bear and all other Service Animals on October 21!

National Pets for Veterans Day Activities

  1. Visit a Shelter

    Visit a shelter and offer to pay the adoption fee for a Veteran.

  2. Toy Collection

    Collect dog/cat toys and donate them to a local shelter.

  3. Say Thank You

    Visit a VA facility and thank the Veterans.

Why We Love National Pets for Veterans Day

  1. Remembering Vets

    It’s important to remember and honor our Veterans as often as possible

  2. Raise Pet Awareness

    It raises awareness of how many animals in shelters could make wonderful pets

  3. Mental Health Benefit of Having a Pet

    It emphasizes the benefits animals provide on a daily basis.

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