Education Technology Day

Education Technology Day - Monday, September 23, 2024

There is no denying that technology plays a huge role in our lives today! It is central to everything that we do, and it is playing a monumental role in education. Teachers recognize that their students need to get to grips with technology if they are going to have the best chances of making it in the world! So, it is only right that we celebrate everything that technology brings the world of education. Read on to discover more about Education Technology Day.

History Of Educational Technology

Educational technology is also sometimes known as EduTech or EdTech. We can trace back tools that have helped children and people to learn in more accurate, faster, and easier ways to the emergence of paintings on cave walls! However, it was not until the early 20th century that we saw any sort of machine in operation. These include the likes of the Gestetner stencil devices and the mimeograph, which were duplicating machines that were designed to create short copy runs – usually between 10 and 50 copies – for home or classroom use. 

Since then, there have been a lot of significant progressions in terms of the different tools and technologies that have been introduced into classrooms all around the world. For example, slide projectors were broadly used in educational institutional settings throughout the 1950s. The first time that computers and schools started to be spoken about in the same sentence was in the mid-60s. This is when two psychology professors from Stanford University, Richard C. Atkinson and Patrick Suppes, began to experiment with using computers to teach spelling and arithmetic via Teletypes to students in elementary school. 

The University of Illinois can be created with the start of online education. This also happened in the 1960s. Despite the fact that the Internet was not invented for another nine years, students had the ability to access information about classes through linked computer terminals. In 1986, the first online course as offered. These were available for Commodore and DOS 64 computers, provided by the Electronic University Network. Roll the clock forward, and it is incredible to think about the impact of online learning today! Did you know that 80 percent of students earn two-thirds of their Bachelor’s Degree requirements on the Internet? Moreover, one in three college students today take at least one online course! 

One of the vital forerunners to the educational technologies that we know and love today is videoconferencing. This became especially important in museum education first and foremost. Other notable investments include the first online high school, which was founded in 1994. Today, a lot of students embrace distance learning. The Coronavirus outbreak has left a lot of students with no option but to learn online. It’s crazy to think about how times have changed! 

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Educational Technology?

There is no denying that educational technology has had a massive influence on the classroom and the way in which it operates. But what are the benefits that this technology has brought about? Let’s take a look at some of them…

  • We live in a digital world today. There is no denying that! Technology has become a life skill.
  • With technology in the classroom, students are going to be able to access fresh information instantly, which can supplement their learning experience.
  • Technology can help students to automate a lot of their tedious tasks, and the same goes for teachers as well!
  • There are so many different online resources that are available today to enhance education, making lessons more effective and much more fun too.
  • Technology within the classroom helps to make sure that everyone is participating. 
  • Using technology in the classroom means that students are able to get instant feedback and they can experiment more in pedagogy.   
  • Online technology also means that students can learn from anywhere; whether they’re at home or away on a trip. 

How to celebrate Education Technology Day

Now that you have an understanding regarding the importance of Education Technology Day and celebrating everything that is great about technology in the classroom, let’s take a look at some of the different ways that you can go about this…

  • Take an online course – One of the best ways to observe Education Technology Day is to take an online course. If you do a quick search online, you will probably be surprised by the sheer number of different courses that you can take online today. There is a course for everything! Plus, there are a lot of free courses as well, so this does not have to cost you anything. From learning a new language to perfecting your craft-making skills; take a course in something that excites you and appeals to you. 
  • Learn more about the technology that is available – Technology is advancing all of the time. At the moment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that everyone is talking about. Why not delve into the world of technology and learn more about the latest inventions and what lies ahead in the future? It certainly makes interesting reading!
  • Offer a course online – If you feel like you have things to teach, why not offer an online course? No matter what your skillset is – whether it is baking, marketing, or something different – you can have a lot of fun by offering an online course to people who are interested in what you have got to say.
  • Enjoy an educational game – No matter how old you are, you will find that there are great educational games online that can help you to broaden your knowledge. Whether you enjoy a math game with your child, or you try out something more advanced for yourself, you are going to have heaps of fun while also broadening your knowledge at the same time. And, isn’t that what combining technology and education is all about?

So there you have it: an insight into Education Technology Day. There is no denying that technology plays a huge role in education today, so why not embrace it?

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