Natal Day

Natal Day - Thursday, August 3, 2023

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Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday, so on August 3, have a Happy Natal Day — in honor of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. A holiday that began in 1895, Natal Day was organized as a way to celebrate Nova Scotia’s history. Natal, in case you’re wondering, is from the Latin word for “birth.” Festivities for this holiday typically last the whole weekend before Natal Day (which falls on a Monday), so get ready to celebrate, attend a lot of outdoor parties and eat a ton of cake. Hello? It’s a birthday after all.

Natal Day timeline


It’s a Founding Province

The Canadian Confederation includes Nova Scotia as a founding province — it is one of four, along with Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, if you're keeping score.


Nova Scotia is now Self-Governing

Thanks to Joseph Howe, a Canadian writer and politician, Nova Scotia is able to maintain a responsible government, making it a self-governing province.


The Last War Occurs

The Seven Years’ War, also known as the French and Indian War, is the last war to take place in Nova Scotia — thankfully.


The First War Begins

The King Williams War, which lasted from 1688-1697, is the first of six wars to take place in Nova Scotia.


A Name is Born

The province is given the name Nova Scotia, which means “New Scotland” in Latin.

5 Bizarre Facts About Halifax, Nova Scotia

  1. One of the largest man-made explosions happened here

    Prior to Hiroshima, the Halifax Explosion of 1917 was the world’s largest man-made explosion.

  2. It's home to Canada's most-visited National Historic Site

    The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is the most-visited National Historic Site in Canada.

  3. It’s a Geographic Anomaly

    Halifax is actually closer to Dublin, Ireland that it is to Victoria, British Columbia.

  4. It has a Large, Ice-Free, Natural Harbor

    Although the largest harbor of this kind is in Sydney, Australia, the one located in Halifax is next on the list.

  5. The Halifax Old Town Clock has been ticking continuously for 200+ years

    Like most places, Halifax has a famous landmark — the Old Town Clock — ticking since 1803.

Natal Day Activities

  1. Take it outside

    With so many events going on that weekend, there's plenty of fun to be had outdoors. Check out the Halifax-Dartmouth Natal Day Festival — featuring a parade, family activities, live performances, fireworks, and more.

  2. Born to run

    Doing a run on Natal Day is a pretty popular option — it’s in the summer, so the weather is warm. Check out the Dartmouth Natal Day Road Race — a perfect choice for runners and walkers — so the whole fam can join in on the fun.

  3. Eat lots of food — especially cake

    Between all the festivals, barbecues and parades on Natal day (and the days before and after it) you can count on consuming a lot of delicious foods — so bring your appetite. Plus, because Natal Day is a birthday celebration, you can always count on there being lots (and lots) of cake.

Why We Love Natal Day

  1. No train — no problem

    Originally, Natal Day was meant to celebrate the arrival of the railway line in Halifax, but due to delays in construction, the reason had to change. Because of this, Natal Day turned into celebrating the history of Halifax, as well as the areas around it.

  2. Go ahead, take the day off

    Despite the fact that it’s a statutory holiday, a lot of lucky Nova Scotians get paid time off for the day. And who doesn’t love that?

  3. It’s an excuse to be festive

    With plenty of outdoor events hosted all over Halifax and Dartmouth all weekend long, Natal Day is the perfect time to take advantage of having some fun in the summer sun.

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