Free Slurpee Day

Free Slurpee Day - Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Free Slurpee Day

If there is one thing that is better than a Slurpee, it is a free Slurpee! When the sun is shining, this frozen treat can provide a refreshing way of beating the heat. Free Slurpee Day has been celebrated since 2002, yet the frozen delight has been around for a lot longer than this, as we will reveal! There are more than 300 flavors to choose from, ensuring you are able to find a Slurpee for your palette. If you are a lover of all things sour, Sour Apple is definitely a popular choice! Vanilla is ideal for a sweet treat, and then you have the likes of lychee or mango if you want a Slurpee with some exotic flair. 

Let’s start with some interesting facts about the slurpee…

  • There used to be a dual-chambered Slurpee. This was introduced for the 45th anniversary of the product in 2011. This machine enabled customers to select two flavors, dispensing them into the one straw. Customers could insert a dual-piped straw as well. This meant they could enjoy a mixed drink. Which flavors would you love to mix together?
  • Kennewick, Washington, is an area deemed the Slurpee King of the world! This is a crown that was given in the 2007-2008 period because more Slurpees were dispensed at Kennewick than anywhere else in the world! You may be wondering why this was the case. Well, a wall full of Slurpee machines was installed so that the nearby high school football team could get their fix! The owner of the store, Don Mariotto, said he had to double his supply of barrels in order to keep up with the demand. After a hot summer’s day and plenty of practice on the field, a Slurpee was the perfect treat!
  • Some of the Slurpee cups were created from waveforms of mating whales. Yes, you did read that correctly! In 2015, in Australia, 7-Eleven recorded a number of radio spots for a promotional stunt. These featured screaming soccer fans and whales mating. The visual representations of these noises, which are known as waveforms, were used to create a number of special 3D-printed cups that customers could get in-store. There was also the option of printing them at home. However, we’re not sure that many people would have had a 3D printer to do so!
  • 7-Eleven have trademarked the term ‘brain freeze.’ Seeing the marketing opportunities for this phrase, the brand decided that they did not want to let anyone else have it!

History Of Free Slurpee Day

Before we explain the history of this day, we need to tell you about the history of the Slurpee. This was created by Omar Knedlik. It was first known as ICEE. Like a lot of the world’s best inventions, it was discovered by mistake! Knedlik stumbled across the idea when one of his soda fountains broke, forcing him to keep his sodas cool by placing them in the freezer. This resulted in a soda slush, and it was a huge hit with customers. This led to Knedlik creating a machine that had the ability to freeze carbonated drinks. 

Brand 7-Eleven caught onto the success of the ICEE drink. So, they made a licensing deal in 1965 with Knedlik to sell the item under a different name. They created the Slurpee, which would only be sold in stores. The name was made by an advertising executive and it refers to the sound that people usually make when drinking it! It really did not take long for this drink to take off. There were machines in stores everywhere by the following year. Eye-catching, and often risque, names were created for new flavors. This included the likes of Adults Only, Gully Washer, Sticky Icky, Moonshine, and Pink Fink. 

So, how did Free Slurpee Day come about? Well, on the 11th of July, 2002, 7-Eleven enjoyed its 75th birthday as a brand. To mark the occasion, customers were given a free Slurpee. This then became the first official Free Slurpee Day. As the name indicates, if you go to a participating 7-Eleven between certain hours, you will get a free 12-ounce Slurpee, as long as supplies last. Of course, if you don’t live anywhere near a participating store, don’t worry, we have plenty of other suggestions on how to celebrate Free Slurpee Day. 

Things To Do On Free Slurpee Day

There are a number of different things you can do in order to celebrate Free Slurpee Day. Of course, the most obvious way to celebrate is by getting a free Slurpee. Why not use the occasion to try a flavor you have never had before? After all, if you don’t like it, you haven’t had to pay for it anyway! You can switch your usual Cherry or Coke for something like a Slurpucchino or Purple S-cream. The options are endless.

If you are not going to be able to get a free Slurpee, why not make your own? If you are a fan of Coca-Cola, you’re going to love this Slurpee recipe we’ve got for you…

Coca-Cola homemade Slurpee recipe


  • 8 larges ice cubes
  • 3 cups of Coca-Cola

This is enough to serve two people. If you want to make more, simply alter the quantities.

How to make a Coca-Cola Slurpee

Now that you have got your ingredients ready, pour half of the Coca-Cola into an empty ice cube tray. Place the tray in the freezer for at least four hours. You need to make sure that the cubes are fully frozen.

Place the rest of the Coca-Cola into the fridge to chill.

Once the ice cube tray full of Coke has frozen, transfer the Cola cubes into your blender.

You should then pour the other 1.5 cups of Coca-Cola from the fridge into the blender, as well as the eight ice cubes.

Blend all the ingredients until they are combined and then transfer to a glass (mason jars work well!). Grabe a straw or a spoon and enjoy!

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