Harvey Wallbanger Day

Harvey Wallbanger Day - Friday, November 8, 2024

Do you want to see into the world of drinking with a twist? Are you trying to spice things up with new and interesting drinks? Would you like something sweet yet tangy that you know will make you crawl later? Then the Harvey Wallbanger is just for you, a sweetly flavored drink with a punch that will have you banging the walls after a few. Harvey Wallbanger Day celebrates this drink and the history of it.

History of Harvey Wallbanger Day

The origin of Harvey Wallbanger Day is in dispute, with some people saying that it was first created as early as 1971 from literary references, and others saying that it was created in the Los Angeles Blackwatch Bar in 1952. The drink is said to be named after a famous surfer who spent time in the bar and was created by one Donato “Duke” Antone who was a three-time world champion mixologist. There’s only one problem with that theory, culinary historian Robert Simonson said there’s no evidence that the Blackwatch Bar ever existed, nor that Duke was working in Los Angeles at the time, two very problematic points in the story indeed.

One must admit that it makes a nice story, but as there doesn’t seem to be any truth in it, let’s look at something that’s a bit more certain. George Bednar was an executive in charge of the McKesson Imports Company, and as part of his marketing technique, he developed the character “Harvey Wallbanger” to help promote the drink. Both the character and the tagline he developed were resoundingly successful in promoting the drink.

How to celebrate Harvey Wallbanger Day

The best way to celebrate Harvey Wallbanger Day is simple, at some point during your day enjoy a nice refreshing Harvey Wallbanger. Of course, an even better way is to get a group of friends together and have a night of mixed drinks, starting with a Harvey Wallbanger! Want to add a masquerade feel to it? Have people dress up in their best rendition of the Harvey Wallbanger character, which is a great way to honor the ad campaign that made it famous, and the life of the man who drew the character, graphic artist Bill Young.

How To Make A Harvey Wallbanger

  • 1 oz Vodka
  • Orange Juice
  • Ice
  • Galliano
  • Orange Slice

To make this drink, you simply take the vodka and pour it into a highball glass with ice, and add orange juice until it’s almost full. Pour a measure of Galliano over the back of a spoon to float it on top of the drink and garnish it with an orange slice.

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