Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Eat Better, Eat Together Month - October 2024

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Eating with your family and friends on a regular basis has been associated with improved social skills, better eating habits, and fewer behavioral problems in teenagers. It is also helpful for reducing stress in adults. Every year, October serves as Eat Better, Eat Together Month. While the history of the day is unknown, it is meant to promote better eating habits, and encourage us to share more meals together.

Eat Better, Eat Together Month timeline

18th Century

The Sandwich's royal roots

John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich and a notorious gambler, invented this convenience food so he could play cards longer — and spend less time preparing meals.

16th Century

Cafes make their debut

The world's first cafe opened in Constantinople, which is Istanbul in the modern world.

15th Century

Spice trading began

Portuguese spice traders reached South Africa and India. This enabled the exchange of culture, particularly in terms of food and recipes.

6th Century AD

Coffee cultivated

Arabica coffee was cultivated around this time, most probably, in China

25 to 200 AD

Metal stove invented

The Chinese used cast iron to build a stove, paving the way for modern cooking methods.

5 Weird Foods We Dare You To Try

  1. Fungus-Ridden Corncob (Mexico)

    A corncob covered in blue-black spores is a culinary specialty in Mexico. Yup, Mexicans devour the fungus. It apparently has a wood flavor.

  2. Fermented Horse's Milk (Mongolia)

    Mongolians ferment a hare's milk till it's fizzy, slightly sour, and sort of alcoholic. It is the Mongolians' idea of beer and by no stretch an unusual offering in the rugged country.

  3. Century Egg (China)

    Eggs are covered in clay, salt, and ash and allowed for ferment for about two to three months. At the end of this (inexplicable) exercise, the egg yolk turns green, smells of sulphur, and, apparently, is a delicacy.

  4. Sperm Sacs of Fish (Japan)

    The Japanese boil sperm sacs of cod or angler fish and enjoy them as a delicacy. The sacs look like miniature brains and are supposed to have a sweet taste to them.

  5. Larvae of Ant (Mexico)

    A venomous ant species lays its eggs in the agave plants in Mexico. The Mexicans harvest the larvae and use them as a filling for their tacos. They supposedly have a nutty flavor.

How to Observe Eat Better, Eat Together Month

  1. Make a meal together

    Designate one day in October when the whole family makes a meal together. Get the kids involved. If you live away from your family, invite your neighbors or coworkers.

  2. Organize a barbecue party

    There is nothing more fun than a barbecue party in the backyard. Make sure you pick healthy alternatives, though.

  3. Clear your kitchen

    Toss the cookies and chips. Replace them with some healthy alternatives.

Why Eat Better, Eat Together Month is Important

  1. It focuses on food

    Many of us have simply forgotten how to enjoy a meal. This month shines a spotlight on one of the most important things we do to survive. That would be eating.

  2. It encourages community spirit

    We often have no clue what is going on in the lives of those closest to us. The month is meant to foster a community spirit through sharing meals.

  3. It helps us make better food choices

    The monthlong observance encourages us to be more aware about what we're eating. That triple burger might taste delicious, but if that's all you are having, you are missing out.

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