Global Running Day

Global Running Day - Sunday, June 2, 2024

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Get pumped and get those legs moving as the first Wednesday in June is Global Running Day. Whether you’re a regular runner or a bit of a novice, it doesn’t matter, this holiday is about inspiring each other to lead a more active lifestyle, no matter the distance covered. This celebration is open and free to everyone. Simply grab your running shoes, a bottle of water, and get your legs moving!

History of Global Running Day

Global Running Day started in the United States in 2009, although at the time it was referred to as National Running Day. The inaugural Global Running Day was held on June 1, 2016. On that day over 2.5 million runners from 177 different countries took part, running an estimated 9.2 million miles between them. We get out of breath just thinking about all that running.

The day aims to get everyone moving and be more active and champions not just the physical health benefits of running but also the mental health benefits it can have too, such as reduced anxiety.

The Million Kid run has also become a huge part of Global Running Day. This is the youth division of Global Running Day and aims to have over a million kids from across the world take part. By making fitness fun they are hoping to inspire our future generations to remain healthy and fit.

The 2020 Global Running Day was made more challenging due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. With some of the traditional events paused due to social distancing recommendations, many were taking part with a virtual team or participating in the “Tag 1 Challenge” on social media.

If you’re looking for that extra bit of motivation then look no further, Global Running Day is here to stay and there’s a huge community to give you that extra bit of fuel in your feet.

Global Running Day timeline


Events were paused due to the global coronavirus pandemic but many took part in online challenges.


672,030 children from the Million Kid Run participated in Global Running Day.

June 2016

More than 2.5 million people from 177 countries vowed to run more than 9.2 million miles on the day the image was held.


The first-ever Global Running Day event was held.

Global Running Day FAQs

How is Global Running Day celebrated?

Global Running Day can be celebrated however you like, as long as there is some running involved. Look out for local events, get your kids to partake in the youth version, or just go for a run in your local park.

How can I motivate my kids to do Global Running Day?

Make it fun for your kids. Play a sport or a game of tag in the yard. Go on a run around the block. The more fun you include, the more excited your children will be to live an active, healthy lifestyle!

How can I make more time for running?

Exercise is a very important part of how we maintain our health. Plan your week out – if you have to get up 30 minutes earlier before your day starts, do it.

Five Facts About Global Running Day

  1. Slight Name change

    Global Running Day was formerly known as National Running Day.

  2. Community Run

    2014 Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi led a group run from the Boston Run Base.

  3. Global Running Day in Atlanta

    The Atlanta Track Club put together a “run around the clock” event so that at least one person from the Atlanta area would be running every hour of Global Running Day.

  4. Races

    In 1990, only 25% of road race finishers in the U.S. were women. Now the ladies make up more than half of road race finishers.

  5. U.S. Marathon

    The average men’s finishing time in U.S. marathons is 4:26. The average women’s finishing time in U.S. marathons is 4:52.

Global Running Day Activities

  1. Go running

    Run a couple of laps in the neighborhood, take your dog out for an extra-long walk, or call your friends and go for a run in the park. It doesn’t matter where you do it, just go for a run.

  2. Register for a race

    Convince your friends and family to join you in participating in a community race. 5k run, anyone?

  3. Get kids involved

    Running is a good way to make fitness fun for kids. You can incorporate activities and games to get them active and engaged.

Why We Love Global Running Day

  1. It creates bonds and relationships

    What better way to build stronger relationships with your loved ones than going on a fun run?

  2. It’s fun exercise

    It’s fun, it’s active, it’s healthy. Not only is running beneficial for us physically, but it has mental health benefits too.

  3. It’s in June

    Warm weather, longer days, summer vacation. What more do you need?

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