Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day

Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day - Thursday, July 6, 2023

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Are you enjoying this website right now? Do you have one of your own? Do you enjoy the convenience of an online presence that your customers can utilize for making purchases and submitting inquiries without having the phone buzzing off the hook? Is it a gorgeous online display that you’re proud of and seems to handle everything you’ve needed? Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day reminds you that none of this could happen without your intrepid webmaster, wrangling arcane lines of code together to create one of the most important faces of your company today.

History of Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day

This is another one of those amazing collection of days that can be attributed to Thomas Roy, a face and voice familiar to fans of American Television and film. On top of an active and engaging acting career, he also worked with his wife to create 80 special days that have since found themselves listed in all the best fun holiday resources out there. Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day was formed to honor those who created the world we live in today, with websites for every possible thing.

Every year they work to keep up with newest technology, ensuring our favorite hobbies, games, and businesses remain convenient and relevant with up-to-date stylings and interfaces. Remember when smart phones first started being a big thing but all we had to work with were the websites optimized for desktop viewing? It was your Webmaster that turned that around and created a sleek new styling for your mobile device. Without these hardworking code-hackers, the internet would either be a much less attractive place overall, or we’d still be dealing with hacked together text websites. What a world that would be!

How to celebrate Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day

It all starts with a hearty thank you, recognize them for what they do and the fact that you likely couldn’t do what they do every day on your best day. Years of study and countless hours of hacking and experimentation come together to create the works they do. If you don’t know who your webmaster is, then it’s time to check with HR so you can thank them properly. Don’t work in an office? Send a thank you email to the webmaster of your favorite websites, and maybe even include a Prepaid Gift Visa Card to thank them for their efforts. Who knows, it might just remind them to get their nose out of the code and eat!

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