Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day - Friday, December 15, 2023

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Holiday shopping online has one major barrier that shopping in your local store don’t, and that’s the high cost of shipping. You can easily double the cost of your gift items (and thereby halve the amount of gift-buying you can do) just by getting hit left and right with shipping costs.

That’s where Free Shipping Day comes in, where companies around the world give you the opportunity to do your holiday shopping without being hit for shipping fees left and right, and letting your holiday shopping dollar go further than ever.

History of Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day was first realized in 2008, put into place by Luke and Maisie Knowles and having expanded into a global event that happens each year.

Seeing the need to help holiday shoppers stretch their finances and wanting to encourage e-commerce by removing that cost from the customer. Its primary purpose, of course, was to drive the e-commerce shopping period straight out until the end of the month, allowing people to send their presents at the last minute.

Of course, for the e-businesses who support this day, what it does it helps make one final drive to help up their revenue for the month, and round out their end of year numbers for their shareholders. Hardly a thing that matters to the customers taking advantage of this, we just like not having to pay shipping!

It was certainly successful as well, the first year ample effort was made to ensure the public was aware of it. Hundreds of retailers got involved, offering this special promotion to any customer who came calling on the appropriate day.

The result was palpable, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue that normally went unseen by e-commerce sites poured into the virtual marketplace. From that point forward, every company who values their bottom line this time of year ensures to take place, and that’s a market changer.

How to celebrate Free Shipping Day

There is only one sure way to hit your Free Shipping Day celebration right out of the park, and that’s to hold off on your holiday purchases until it comes around. Then go wild and make sure you hit every place you want to buy from and get them out the door to friends and relations alike.

Remember, Free Shipping Day is your best opportunity to make the money you have set aside for friends and family who live far away stretch to its absolute limit. It’s always surprising when looking back over the shopping season to find out just how much of your holiday funds went to the shipping companies.

Don’t let that happen to you, Free Shipping Day puts all that money back where it belongs, in the form of gifts under the trees of your friends.

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