Networking Week

Networking Week - Jan 29-Feb 4, 2024

Networking has now become easier and more efficient with the age of internet technology. For those throughout the business industry, networking can provide a great gateway to new business partnerships and essential business advice.

Networking Week is a excuse to do just that and help expand your business while also learning from the best. Let’s learn more about the history of Networking Week and celebrate it here at Days of the Year!

History of Networking Week

As an initiative of BNI® , Networking Week allows for people to come together to listen to key networking specialists across the world to talk about the major issues and problems present in the everyday world.

By bringing together representatives of government, businesses and community leaders with those key specialists, solutions for the global market can arise and local businesses can bring about great social connections.

BNI, or the Business Network International, is an American networking organization with over 8,000 chapters worldwide and over 200,000 members. BNI founded Networking Week as a key way to celebrate the ways networking plays in the development of businesses around the world.

Throughout the week, BNI hosts various networking events that local businesses and other networking events can attend as well as bring visitors to create opportunities for networking, training, and qualifications.

During this time, BNI offers valuable resources and advice to those looking to expand their business and create valuable partnerships. This also gives businesses the opportunity to speak with official representatives of governments to talk about the pressing issues faced through business advents and find solutions to promote growth and success on all levels of the industry.

For many that participate in this event, valuable business connections form as well as great exposure for their companies, where those new to their industry can learn valuable advice from the best entrepreneurs out there.

How to Celebrate Networking Week

Networking Week is all about getting out there and learn about professional attire, etiquette, and sponsorships. Find a local networking event hosted by BNI near you and take the time to learn about the local businesses near you.

If you found that experience worthwhile, then share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #networkingweek to get your friends and family in the action. Help out your community by getting those interested in social networking started on their career and invite them to a local event.

If you’re part of a networking organization, speak with your superiors about hosting a networking event of your own in your area so that valuable connections can form and new business venture may arise.

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