Pro Sports Wives Day

Pro Sports Wives Day - Sunday, February 11, 2024

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Did you see that game last night? Amazing, wasn’t it? Your favorite player in your favorite sport saved the day with grit and determination. Do you ever think of that player when they aren’t working hard to make the sport entertaining? Have you ever given thought to what their home life must be with all the time needed for training, travel, and promotions? Now add in all the required appearances, the hordes of fans and media and you can see the craziness that comes with their life. How do they stay grounded and focused? If they are lucky, with the help of an amazing wife! That is why we celebrate Pro Sports Wives Day.

History of Pro Sports Wives Day

How could there not have always been a day to give recognition to these pillars of grace and beauty? I know, right? The first official Pro Sports Wives Day was celebrated in 2006 and rightly so has been repeated every year. When this day was set aside, it was given the role in recognizing yearly honorees as well as all wives of active and retired sports professionals. Why do they need this you ask?

Wives of professional athletes do more than just show up to a few events looking pretty or appearing on reality TV shows. Most of the wives seek no notoriety for themselves but use their position in the community to make a difference. They help their husbands to found foundations and other organizations to bring comfort and social change in the communities where they play. They raise funds and awareness for a multitude of causes.

Think about the teams that you follow and I will bet that you haven’t heard much about any of the wives of the players but you may know how that team reaches out to your community. Yep, you guessed it! While their husbands are out making exciting plays and traveling around the country, their wives are holding down the fort at home – for their families, and for the community causes.

How to celebrate Pro Sports Wives Day

It is stunning to learn that near 80% of professional athletes are divorced! It is easy to see why when you think about all the life must entail. It takes a strong and special woman to take on the task of being a pro sports wife. To honor them, you can take the time to research your favorite player and find out what causes his wife is championing. Perhaps you can give those causes a little of your time, or financial support.

A marriage that is built in the shadow of a pro sports career is far from normal. The women that can hold their marriage and family together despite it are true heroines and deserve our respect as well as our thanks. The next time that you watch your favorite team and favorite player, take a moment to think about his life behind the scenes. Help us to honor Pro Sports Wives Day!

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