Pizza Day

Pizza Day - Friday, February 9, 2024

Pizza Day, your time to get your pizza eating game on! Yes, you heard correctly! A whole day – 24 happy hours – to celebrate that yummy carb that almost no one can do without! From the humble beginning to today’s gourmet offerings pizza has captured the heart and stomachs of people around the globe. Do you like the traditional cheese and pepperoni? Are you more adventurous and need to show that in your pizza toppings? Now is time to show the world!

Learn about Pizza Day

What is better than a slice of pizza? This cheesy disc has become a meal that is adored all over the world. The only difficulty is deciding what sort of toppings to put on top. Are you a pepperoni type of person? Or, do you prefer your pizza plain – cheese and tomato only? Perhaps you are someone who likes to experiment with different toppings? There are many disputes about the best pizza, with the main argument being whether pineapple belongs on a pizza or not! No matter your preference, though, there’s one thing we can all agree on; pizza is one of the best culinary inventions! 

There is no denying that the love of pizza is very real. In fact, it is the second most popular fast food in the United States. The only fast food that people love more than pizza is hamburgers! There are also lots of famous and popular pizza brands, with the three main ones being Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Dominos. Aside from figuring out what toppings to have, you also have the decision of what crust to go for. You have thick and thin crusts, as well as pizzas with stuffed crusts. The options are endless!

There are lots of pretty interesting facts about pizzas online as well! For example, did you know that 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the United States? Or, how about the fact that it will cost you a massive $12,000 to eat the most expensive pizza in the world? This is a pizza that is sold in Italy. It features some of the most lavish ingredients, as you would expect for that price tag! This includes grains of pink Australian sea-salt from the Murray River, lobster from Norway, and three different types of caviar!

History of Pizza Day

You can say that Pizza Day started in the 10th century in Naples, Italy. This is when records first show the presence of pizza. It started out as a simple flatbread spread with sauce and sprinkled with cheese. I bet the women who most likely made this as a creative snack for their families had no idea the sensation that they had whipped up.

Drive around any American city and I am sure you will be able to find a pizza place on almost every corner. From the chains that boast a perfect pizza exactly like every other one made from any of their stores to the quaint mom and pop restaurants that share their family traditions with us year after year.

Which do you prefer? Personally, I like them both. Sometimes those commercials and funny jingles just get into my mind and make me drive over for a slice!

Pizza made its mark on America in 1905. In New York City, a pizzeria called Lombardi’s created the spark that would light hearts across the country from then until now – and with no conceivable end in sight! Amazingly, they are still in business! If you want to taste that first real pizza to hit American shores, head over to Little Italy in Manhattan and check them out.

How to celebrate Pizza Day

Do I really need to tell you how to celebrate this awesome day? Ok, ok, I will offer a few suggestions just to get you started! How creative are you? Are you up to making your own pizza from scratch? I bet it’s easier than you think! Come on, let’s head into the kitchen and take a look around.

Pull out your favorite cookbook or hit up a search engine and search for pizza recipes. Wow! Look at all those options. Pick one that speaks to you and get going. Make trying a new from scratch pizza a tradition for Pizza Day! Not a fan of the kitchen? That’s ok! Every city and town has many choices as well when it comes to this fabulous dish.

Head out and try a new pizzeria – or two! Make it a great family adventure. Let the kids help map out where to go. Maybe pick toppings out at random and try something you’ve never had before. You never know, it may become your new favorite.

Another fun way to celebrate Pizza Day is by having a pizza party. Why not get a few of your loved ones together and order some of your favorite pizzas? After all, what could be better than some good food and good company? You can keep things low-key and watch some movies together or you could get the tunes on and dance the night away! It’s up to you! Just make sure that there is plenty of pizza on hand for people to enjoy.

You could also try to come up with your own pizza invention. There are many weird and wonderful toppings that people have put on pizzas over the years. Why not see if you can come up with the next big thing? People have also created dessert pizzas, i.e. pizzas covered in Nutella and other chocolate delights. You can find recipes like this online, or you can create your own. Make sure you share your creation on social media and make everyone drool over your creative pizza skills!

Does your family already take part in this holiday? If not, make sure you start now. Share your ideas and favorite recipes with us!

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