Will Eisner Week

Will Eisner Week - January 22-28, 2024

Marvel and DC Comics are now known as some of the most famous companies in history because of its inspired fanbase in superhero comic books. However, for those who are huge fans of cartoonists, Will Eisner is a person who’s on the top list of most famous comic artists of the decade.

Will Eisner Week is a week-long holiday that celebrates the achievements of Will Eisner.

History of Will Eisner Week

Will Eisner is coined as the father of the graphic novel. An American cartoonist, he formed today’s modern comic by developing the visual narrative and sequential art, know through his works such as the Spirit, John Law, Blackhawk, and a Contract With God.

After his death, the Eisner Award was named after him, an award given by those who greatly achieve in the comic book industry. Labeled as one of the most influential comic book artists of all time, Will Eisner is annually celebrated through Will Eisner Week, celebrating his seventy years and eight decades of life-long accomplishments.

Will Eisner Week was founded through Will Eisner Studios, Inc, a company that preserves and archives the history of Will Eisner’s life. Each year on Will Eisner Week, people come from all over to attend comic cons internationally.

At comic cons, the founders of Will Eisner studios collaborate with comic con members to commemorate the life and history of Eisner’s work. During this week, it is a time to educate people about his life, read his works, and reflect on the historical significance of his work at the time and how it contributed to such a huge Marvel comic fanbase that exist today.

How to Celebrate Will Eisner Week

If you’re looking to take part in this celebration, start by encouraging your local college, library, comic book shop, museum, and bookstore to host a Will Eisner event. Read up on his works and learn about his life through the Will Eisner website.

Attend a comic con that’s hosting a Will Eisner event during the week. Take a comic drawing class and see if you can create your own comic. Celebrate the week with your friends by hosting a comic book reading party.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #WillEisnerWeek and let your friends and family know that this week is dedicated to the man that inspired many of our beloved comic book characters.

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