World Orphan Week

World Orphan Week - Feb 26-Mar 3, 2024

More than 140 million children worldwide have either lost a parent or both parents, leading them into orphanges, or even worse, the streets. While adoption is one of the best ways to get a child safe, not everyone can take that option to raise a child.

That’s why on World Orphan Week, people can have the opportunity to do what they can for abandoned children around the world through donations, sponsorships, and raising awareness to this impactful cause.

History of World Orphan Week

World Orphan Week began in 2005 by the SOS Children’s Villages UK. SOS Children’s Villages is known as the largest charity organization that aims to support orphaned and abandoned children and throughout many of its sister organizations in 125 countries, SOS Children’s Villages UK works with these children to give them a home, family, and access education and medical care.

World Orphan Week originally began in October before moving into February in 2009. The holiday ran for four years until the holiday went on hiatus. The event then resurfaced in 2018, gaining traction and popularity.

The holiday aims to support orphaned children by giving people the opportunity to learn more about SOS Children’s Villages. The relaunch of the holiday marked the 50th anniversary of the organization’s existence. SOS Children’s Villages works with over 80,000 children in more than 570 communities around the world.

World Orphan Week hopes to teach people about how they can sponsor a child or a village, make a donation to the organization, or donate supplies and money in events of emergency and natural disaster. On this day, people take the opportunity to learn about the children they’re helping and give back and help those in need.

How to Celebrate World Orphan Week

On World Orphan Week, you can help orphaned children in need by donating money to SOS Children’s Villages, whether it be to honor those who passed, those currently in need, or in an emergency situation. You can also sponsor a child or a village by heading over to their main website and filling out an application.

If you work for a company, you can contact an SOS representative and start a campaign in your local area.

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