Pinot Noir Day

Pinot Noir Day - Sunday, August 18, 2024

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Pinot is a fantastic wine, but a temperamental grape. With its rich color and complex flavors, it is largely considered one of the most hedonistic wines ever made. Elegant and berry-lie, its velvet flavor is the perfect addition to any affair. Pinot Noir Day celebrates this wine and the regions of the world in which it’s cultivated.

History of Pinot Noir Day

Every wine deserves to have a day dedicated to its consumption, and none more so than Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is so named due to the dark color of the grapes, and the pine-cone shaped clusters they grow in on the vine. Showing a strong preference for cooler climates, the grape of the same name is grown primarily in Burgundy, France, though Willamette Valley, Oregon in the USA and Walker Bay region of South Africa both produce notably large crops. Of course, cultivating Pinot Noir is not a task for the faint of heart, for these grapes are difficult to cultivate and tricky to turn into wine.

Perhaps that’s appropriate for a wine that is both rich and complex. The skin of the grapes are thin and don’t offer the protection of thicker skinned grapes, and can be finicky during the aging process, frequently being uneven and unpredictable. The tight clusters require careful management lest rot set in, and this often involves careful management of the canopy.

For those who are willing to brave it and cultivate the skill, the wine that is produced is beyond measure. Pinot Noir Day celebrates all that is required to produce this wine and the delicious bounty that unfolds.

How to celebrate Pinot Noir Day

Head down to your local store and procure yourself a bottle of this delicious wine. Pinot Noir comes in many varieties that each carries the personality and taste of the regions they come from. Get together with your friends and each brings a bottle of your favorite Pinot Noir and then collect other bottles of vintages of Pinot Noir with which you are less familiar. Pinot Noir Day is a great opportunity to broaden your palette and indulge in your favorite variety of this dark wine. Enjoy it and share generously!

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