The Latest List of Cultural Holidays 2023

We Love Cultural Holidays! Here are 112 Cultural holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 6 Saturday
Three Kings Day Three Kings Day ReligiousChristianCultural
January 25 Thursday
Burns Night Burns Night CulturalHistorical
Chinese New Year Chinese New Year InternationalChinese foodCultural Holidays
February 7 Wednesday
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day HealthCultural
February 25 Sunday
Mardi Gras Mardi Gras CulturalActivitiesFestivitiesFoodFunHistorical
March 9 Saturday
Purim Purim ReligiousCulturalFestivitiesHistoricalJewishParty
March 15 Friday
Ides of March Ides of March CulturalHistorical
March 17 Sunday
St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day CulturalEthnicFestivitiesHistoricalLiquor
March 20 Wednesday
French Language Day French Language Day CulturalEducationalEthnic
March 21 Thursday
World Poetry Day World Poetry Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesCultural
April 4 Thursday
Qingming Festival Qingming Festival CulturalChineseChinese foodFamily
April 8 Monday
National Empanada Day National Empanada Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalEthnicFoodSpanish
Passover Passover ReligiousCulturalFamilyFestivitiesHistoricalJewish
April 10 Wednesday
Day of Silence Day of Silence Special InterestCulturalEducationalLGBTQ
April 16 Tuesday
Selena Day Selena Day Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityCulturalPop Culture
April 20 Saturday
Chinese Language Day Chinese Language Day EducationChinese foodCultural Holidays
April 21 Sunday
Tiradentes Day Tiradentes Day CulturalHistorical
April 30 Tuesday
International Jazz Day International Jazz Day Arts & EntertainmentFunCulturalMusic
May 5 Sunday
Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo CulturalCultural HolidaysHistoricalMexican
May 7 Tuesday
National Day of Prayer National Day of Prayer ReligiousBuddhistChristianCulturalIslamicJewish
May 28 Tuesday
Shavuot Shavuot RelationshipCulturalJewish
June 1 Saturday
Western Australia Day Western Australia Day CulturalInternationalHistorical
June 4 Sunday
National Moonshine Day National Moonshine Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsCulturalDrinkingLifestyleLiquor
June 6 Tuesday
Queensland Day Queensland Day CulturalCivicHistorical
Russian Language Day Russian Language Day CulturalEthnicRussian
June 11 Sunday
King Kamehameha Day King Kamehameha Day CulturalAmericanFestivitiesHistorical
June 12 Monday
Philippines Independence Day Philippines Independence Day InternationalCulturalFestivitiesHistorical
June 16 Friday
International Day of the African Child International Day of the African Child CauseChildrenCulturalInternationalParents
June 19 Monday
Juneteenth Juneteenth CauseAmericanCivil RightsCulturalHistorical
June 24 Saturday
Midsummer Midsummer SeasonalActivitiesCulturalFun
June 27 Tuesday
ARRL Field Day ARRL Field Day CulturalSpecial InterestFestivalsRadio
July 1 Saturday
Canada Day Canada Day FederalCanadianCultural Holidays
July 4 Tuesday
Independence Day Independence Day FederalActivitiesCivicCulturalHistoricalSummer
July 5 Wednesday
Asalha Puja Asalha Puja ReligiousBuddhistCulturalHistorical
First Day of NAIDOC Week First Day of NAIDOC Week CulturalAustralianEthnicFestivitiesIndigenous Culture
July 9 Sunday
Nunavut Day Nunavut Day FederalActivitiesCanadianCulturalHistoricalIndigenous Culture
July 12 Wednesday
Orangemen's Day Orangemen's Day CauseChristianCulturalHistoricalIrish
July 14 Friday
Bastille Day Bastille Day Arts & EntertainmentCulturalFrenchHistoricalPop Culture
July 25 Tuesday
National Wine and Cheese Day National Wine and Cheese Day Food & BeverageCheeseCulturalFrenchLifestyleWine
July 29 Saturday
​Day of Arafah ​Day of Arafah ReligiousCulturalIslamic
August 3 Thursday
Heritage Day in Alberta Heritage Day in Alberta CulturalInternationalCanadianFamilyHistorical
New Brunswick Day New Brunswick Day FederalBeerCanadianCivicCultural
August 5 Saturday
Regatta Day Regatta Day FunActivitiesCanadianCulturalFestivities
August 7 Monday
National Lighthouse Day National Lighthouse Day Arts & EntertainmentCulturalHistorical
August 8 Tuesday
Peace Festival in Augsburg Peace Festival in Augsburg ReligiousChristianCulturalGermanHistorical
August 11 Friday
Mountain Day Mountain Day EnvironmentalActivitiesCulturalEnvironmentFamilyHistorical
August 14 Monday
Pakistan Independence Day Pakistan Independence Day CulturalHistorical
August 15 Tuesday
Indian Independence Day Indian Independence Day CulturalCivicFestivitiesHinduHistorical
August 17 Thursday
Discovery Day Discovery Day CulturalCanadianHistorical
August 21 Monday
Gold Cup Parade Gold Cup Parade CulturalFamilySummer
Ninoy Aquino Day Ninoy Aquino Day InternationalCivicCulturalHistorical
August 24 Thursday
Kobe Bryant Remembrance Day Kobe Bryant Remembrance Day CulturalSpecial InterestSportsCelebrityPop Culture
Kobe Bryant Day Kobe Bryant Day CulturalSpecial InterestSportsCelebrityPop Culture
August 30 Wednesday
Notting Hill Carnival Notting Hill Carnival CulturalHistorical
September 7 Thursday
Brazil Independence Day Brazil Independence Day InternationalCulturalFestivitiesHistorical
West Indian Day Parade West Indian Day Parade CulturalFestivitiesFun
September 9 Saturday
National Wiener Schnitzel Day National Wiener Schnitzel Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalFood
September 13 Wednesday
European Heritage Days European Heritage Days CulturalInternationalGermanHistorical
September 16 Saturday
Mexican Independence Day Mexican Independence Day CulturalMexican
September 20 Wednesday
German World Children's Day German World Children's Day CulturalFamilyInternationalChildren
September 24 Sunday
Heritage Day Heritage Day FunCulturalEducationalFamilyHistorical
September 26 Tuesday
Johnny Appleseed Day Johnny Appleseed Day CulturalHistoricalPop Culture
September 27 Wednesday
Yom Kippur Yom Kippur ReligiousCulturalJewish
October 1 Sunday
​International Day of Older Persons ​International Day of Older Persons CauseCulturalElderlyHealth
Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival CulturalChinese
National Black Dog Day National Black Dog Day AnimalCulturalDogPet
National Hair Day National Hair Day FunCulturalFashion
October 5 Thursday
National Do Something Nice Day National Do Something Nice Day Special InterestActivitiesCultural
October 6 Friday
National Plus Size Appreciation Day National Plus Size Appreciation Day FashionCulturalLifestyle
October 11 Wednesday
National Coming Out Day National Coming Out Day RelationshipCulturalEducationalLove
October 17 Tuesday
National Edge Day National Edge Day CulturalLifestylePop CultureWeird National
October 30 Monday
National Text Your Ex Day National Text Your Ex Day RelationshipCulturalFunnyRomance
October 31 Tuesday
Halloween Halloween FunActivitiesCandyChildrenCulturalFamilyFestivities
November 2 Thursday
Day of the Dead Day of the Dead FamilyCultural HolidaysElderlyMexicanParents
November 5 Sunday
Bonfire Night Bonfire Night CulturalBritish
November 10 Friday
National Pupusa Day National Pupusa Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalEthnicFood
November 13 Monday
National Hug a Musician Day National Hug a Musician Day CulturalFriendshipMusic
November 26 Sunday
National Cake Day National Cake Day Food & BeverageBakingCulturalFestivitiesFood
National Day of Mourning National Day of Mourning CauseCulturalHistorical
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving FederalCookingCulturalFamilyFoodHistorical
November 30 Thursday
Saint Andrew's Day Saint Andrew's Day CulturalCatholicChristianFestivitiesHistorical
December 6 Wednesday
National Gazpacho Day National Gazpacho Day Food & BeverageCulturalFoodSpanish
December 12 Tuesday
National Poinsettia Day National Poinsettia Day FunCatholicChristianCulturalFestivitiesHistorical
December 14 Thursday
National Bouillabaisse Day National Bouillabaisse Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalFrench
December 18 Monday
Arabic Language Day Arabic Language Day CulturalEducationalEthnic
December 19 Tuesday
National Emo Day National Emo Day Arts & EntertainmentCulturalLifestyleMusicPop CultureWeird National
December 21 Thursday
National Coquito Day National Coquito Day Food & BeverageBeverageCulturalLiquor
December 26 Tuesday
Kwanzaa Kwanzaa Special InterestCultural
December 31 Sunday
Hogmanay Hogmanay CulturalFestivities
New Year's Eve New Year's Eve CulturalFunHistorical
February 1 Thursday
Black History Month Black History Month CulturalActivitiesEducationalHistorical
March 1 Friday
Irish-American Heritage Month Irish-American Heritage Month CauseCulturalIrish
April 1 Monday
Scottish-American Heritage Month Scottish-American Heritage Month CulturalActivities
May 1 Wednesday
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month CauseCulturalHistorical
National Hamburger Month National Hamburger Month Food & BeverageAmerican foodCulturalMeat
National Mediterranean Diet Month National Mediterranean Diet Month CulturalFood & BeverageHealthHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Salsa Month National Salsa Month CulturalFood & BeverageFoodSpicy Food
June 1 Thursday
Black Lives Matter Month Black Lives Matter Month Cultural
National Country Cooking Month National Country Cooking Month Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodCookingCulturalFamilyFood
Pride Month Pride Month CauseAwarenessCulturalFamilyFestivalsLGBTQLove
National Soul Food Month National Soul Food Month Food & BeverageCookingCulturalFamilyFoodHistorical
September 1 Friday
Hispanic Heritage Month Hispanic Heritage Month CauseCultural
September 23 Saturday
Oktoberfest Oktoberfest CulturalFestivitiesFoodGermanLiquor
October 1 Sunday
AIDS Awareness Month AIDS Awareness Month HealthCulturalEducational
Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month HealthCulturalEducational
German-American Heritage Month German-American Heritage Month CauseCulturalGermanheritage
​Global Diversity Awareness Month ​Global Diversity Awareness Month CauseChildrenCivicCulturalHistorical
​Italian-American Heritage Month ​Italian-American Heritage Month CauseCivicCultural
​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month ​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month CauseCulturalFamilyHealth
National Pescatarian Month National Pescatarian Month CulturalFood & BeverageHealthSpecial InterestHealth and WellnessNutritionSustainability
Polish American Heritage Month Polish American Heritage Month CulturalHistorical
October 26 Thursday
Durga Puja Durga Puja ReligiousCulturalHindu