July Holidays & National Days 2024

We Love July Holidays & National Days! Here are calendar of total 218 holidays and national days in July 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
July 1 Monday
National Ice Cream Month National Ice Cream Month Food & BeverageDessertFunIce CreamSummerSweet Food
Plastic Free July Plastic Free July
World Watercolor Month World Watercolor Month
Sarcoma Awareness Month Sarcoma Awareness Month Body & HealthLife & Living
Cell Phone Courtesy Month Cell Phone Courtesy Month Hobbies & Activities
Independent Retailer Month Independent Retailer Month Hobbies & ActivitiesShopping
Horseradish Month Horseradish Month CondimentsFood & Drink
Bank Account Bonus Month Bank Account Bonus Month
Picnic Month Picnic Month Food & Drink
Ice Cream Month Ice Cream Month Food & DrinkIce Cream
Canada Day Canada Day FederalCanadianCultural Holidays
International Joke Day International Joke Day Special InterestActivitiesFunFunnyInternational
July 3 Wednesday
Clean Beaches Week Clean Beaches Week EnvironmentalConservationEnvironmentFunGiving BackGlobal FocusSummerSustainabilityWildlife
July 1 Monday
Zip Code Day Zip Code Day Hobbies & Activities
Postal Worker Day Postal Worker Day DeliveryJobs & Professions
International Reggae Day International Reggae Day Countries & CulturesJamaican
Second Half of the Year Day Second Half of the Year Day Life & LivingPlanning & Organizing
Joke Day Joke Day Hobbies & Activities
Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
Gingersnap Day Gingersnap Day BakingCookiesFood & Drink
July 2 Tuesday
World UFO Day World UFO Day Special InterestCrazyHistoricalObscurePop CultureScience Fiction
I Forgot Day I Forgot Day Life & Living
Anisette Day Anisette Day
July 3 Wednesday
National Stay Out of the Sun Day National Stay Out of the Sun Day HealthActivitiesSummer
July 5 Friday
Be Nice to Jersey Week Be Nice to Jersey Week CauseAwarenessLoveObscure
July 3 Wednesday
Disobedience Day Disobedience Day Life & Living
Eat Beans Day Eat Beans Day
Air Conditioning Appreciation Day Air Conditioning Appreciation Day
Compliment Your Mirror Day Compliment Your Mirror Day Hobbies & Activities
Chocolate Wafer Day Chocolate Wafer Day
Stay Out Of The Sun Day Stay Out Of The Sun Day Body & HealthLife & Living
International Plastic Bag Free Day International Plastic Bag Free Day Hobbies & Activities
July 4 Thursday
Independence Day Independence Day FederalActivitiesCivicCulturalHistoricalSummer
July 6 Saturday
Dim Sum Week Dim Sum Week
July 4 Thursday
Jackfruit Day Jackfruit Day Food & DrinkFruit
Spareribs Day Spareribs Day Food & DrinkMeat
Caesar Salad Day Caesar Salad Day Food & DrinkVegetableVegetarian & Vegan
Barbecue Day Barbecue Day Food & DrinkMeat
Independence From Meat Day Independence From Meat Day Food & DrinkVegetarian & Vegan
Hop A Park Day Hop A Park Day Hobbies & Activities
July 5 Friday
Asalha Puja Asalha Puja ReligiousBuddhistCulturalHistorical
First Day of NAIDOC Week First Day of NAIDOC Week CulturalAustralianEthnicFestivitiesIndigenous Culture
National Bikini Day National Bikini Day Arts & EntertainmentFashionHistoricalSummer
Bikini Day Bikini Day ClothingItems & Things
Mechanical Pencil Day Mechanical Pencil Day
Apple Turnover Day Apple Turnover Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
Build A Scarecrow Day Build A Scarecrow Day Hobbies & Activities
July 6 Saturday
International Kissing Day International Kissing Day RelationshipActivitiesHistoricalInternationalLoveRomanceSex
National Fried Chicken Day National Fried Chicken Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodComfort FoodCookingFast FoodFood
July 1 Monday
Great British Pea Week Great British Pea Week
July 6 Saturday
Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day Jobs & Professions
Umbrella Cover Day Umbrella Cover Day AccessoriesItems & Things
Virtually Hug a Virtual Assistant Day Virtually Hug a Virtual Assistant Day AdministratorsJobs & Professions
Fried Chicken Day Fried Chicken Day Food & DrinkMeat
July 7 Sunday
National Strawberry Sundae Day National Strawberry Sundae Day Food & BeverageDessertFoodFruitIce CreamSweet Food
Tell The Truth Day Tell The Truth Day Hobbies & Activities
Macaroni Day Macaroni Day Food & DrinkPasta
Global Forgiveness Day Global Forgiveness Day Hobbies & Activities
Chocolate Day Chocolate Day ChocolateFood & Drink
Strawberry Sundae Day Strawberry Sundae Day DessertFood & DrinkFruitIce Cream
July 8 Monday
National Video Game Day National Video Game Day Special InterestActivitiesFunVideo Games
Scud Day Scud Day Hobbies & ActivitiesRelaxation
Chocolate with Almonds Day Chocolate with Almonds Day ChocolateFood & DrinkNuts
Math 2.0 Day Math 2.0 Day Jobs & ProfessionsScience & Technology
July 9 Tuesday
National Sugar Cookie Day National Sugar Cookie Day Food & BeverageBakingFoodSweet Food
Nunavut Day Nunavut Day FederalActivitiesCanadianCulturalHistoricalIndigenous Culture
Sugar Cookie Day Sugar Cookie Day CookiesFood & Drink
July 10 Wednesday
National Kitten Day National Kitten Day AnimalCatGiving BackMental HealthPetPet AdoptionPet Health
National Piña Colada Day National Piña Colada Day Food & BeverageActivitiesBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
Don’t Step On A Bee Day Don’t Step On A Bee Day Animals
Teddy Bear Picnic Day Teddy Bear Picnic Day AnimalsBearsChildren
Piña Colada Day Piña Colada Day Food & DrinkSpirits & LiquersSweets
Kebab Day Kebab Day
July 11 Thursday
National Free Slurpee Day National Free Slurpee Day Special InterestActivitiesBeverageBrandFun
World Population Day World Population Day CauseAwarenessConservationEducationalEnvironmentGlobal FocusUN
National Mojito Day National Mojito Day BeverageDrinking
Free Slurpee Day Free Slurpee Day
Blueberry Muffin Day Blueberry Muffin Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
Mojito Day Mojito Day
July 12 Friday
National Eat Your Jello Day National Eat Your Jello Day Food & BeverageActivitiesBrandDessertFun
National Simplicity Day National Simplicity Day Special InterestActivitiesMental HealthOrganization
Orangemen's Day Orangemen's Day CauseChristianCulturalHistoricalIrish
National Different Colored Eyes Day National Different Colored Eyes Day Colorseyes
Different Colored Eyes Day Different Colored Eyes Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Simplicity Day Simplicity Day Body & HealthLife & Living
New Conversations Day New Conversations Day Life & LivingPeople & Relationships
Etch A Sketch Day Etch A Sketch Day Art & DrawingHobbies & Activities
Pecan Pie Day Pecan Pie Day CakeDessertNuts
July 13 Saturday
National French Fry Day National French Fry Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodVegetable
Embrace Your Geekness Day Embrace Your Geekness Day Hobbies & Activities
Beef Tallow Day Beef Tallow Day
International Rock Day International Rock Day Items & ThingsMineralsNature & Environment
French Fries Day French Fries Day Food & Drink
Town Criers Day Town Criers Day Hobbies & Activities
July 14 Sunday
Bastille Day Bastille Day Arts & EntertainmentCulturalFrenchHistoricalPop Culture
Cow Appreciation Day Cow Appreciation Day AnimalAppreciationBrand
National Mac and Cheese Day National Mac and Cheese Day Food & BeverageActivitiesCheeseComfort FoodCookingFoodPasta
National Nude Day National Nude Day CauseAwarenessCrazyEducationalFunHistoricalSummer
Pandemonium Day Pandemonium Day Special InterestActivitiesObscureOrganizationProductivity
Shark Awareness Day Shark Awareness Day AnimalsShark
Mac & Cheese Day Mac & Cheese Day CheeseFood & DrinkPasta
Grand Marnier Day Grand Marnier Day AlcoholFood & Drink
July 15 Monday
National Clean Beauty Day National Clean Beauty Day FunHealth
National Give Something Away Day National Give Something Away Day Special InterestActivitiesCleaningGiving BackOrganization
National Pet Fire Safety Day National Pet Fire Safety Day AnimalOrganizationPetPet HealthSafety
Pet Fire Safety Day Pet Fire Safety Day Animals
Orange Chicken Day Orange Chicken Day Food & DrinkMeat
Tapioca Pudding Day Tapioca Pudding Day DessertFood & Drink
Gummi Worm Day Gummi Worm Day Food & DrinkSweets
July 16 Tuesday
National Corn Fritter Day National Corn Fritter Day Food & BeverageActivitiesComfort FoodCookingFoodVegetable
Fresh Spinach Day Fresh Spinach Day Food & DrinkVegetable
Guinea Pig Appreciation Day Guinea Pig Appreciation Day Animals
Corn Fritters Day Corn Fritters Day Food & Drink
World Snake Day World Snake Day AnimalsReptiles & Lizards
July 17 Wednesday
National Lottery Day National Lottery Day FinancialFunLifestyleShopping
World Emoji Day World Emoji Day Arts & EntertainmentPop CultureSocial Media
Tattoo Day Tattoo Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Yellow Pig Day Yellow Pig Day AnimalsItems & ThingsPigsScience & Technology
Peach Ice Cream Day Peach Ice Cream Day Food & DrinkFruitIce Cream
July 18 Thursday
National Caviar Day National Caviar Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodGourmet
Nelson Mandela International Day Nelson Mandela International Day FederalInternationalGiving BackHistoricalUN
World Listening Day World Listening Day Special InterestActivitiesCreativeEnvironmentGlobalMusic
July 20 Saturday
National Moth Week National Moth Week AnimalClimate ChangeConservationEnvironmentInsects
Moth Week Moth Week
July 18 Thursday
Mandela Day Mandela Day Famous PeoplePeople & Relationships
Insurance Nerd Day Insurance Nerd Day Jobs & Professions
Caviar Day Caviar Day AnimalsFishFood & Drink
July 19 Friday
National Daiquiri Day National Daiquiri Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
Daiquiri Day Daiquiri Day Food & DrinkSpirits & Liquers
Ice Cream Day Ice Cream Day Food & DrinkIce Cream
July 20 Saturday
National Lollipop Day National Lollipop Day Food & BeverageCandyFoodFunSweet Food
National Moon Day National Moon Day Special InterestAmericanEducationalHistoricalPop CultureScienceTechnology
Space Exploration Day Space Exploration Day Hobbies & ActivitiesScience & Technology
World Jump Day World Jump Day Hobbies & Activities
International Chess Day International Chess Day Hobbies & ActivitiesToys & Games
Lollipop Day Lollipop Day Food & DrinkSweets
Moon Day Moon Day Items & Things
Get Out of the Doghouse Day Get Out of the Doghouse Day People & Relationships
July 21 Sunday
National Junk Food Day National Junk Food Day Food & BeverageActivitiesFast FoodFoodFun
Junk Food Day Junk Food Day Food & Drink
Lamington Day Lamington Day Food & Drink
July 22 Monday
National Hammock Day National Hammock Day Special InterestActivitiesFunSummer
National Hot Dog Day National Hot Dog Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodBBQFast FoodFoodSummer
Selena Gomez's Birthday Selena Gomez's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityMusicPop Culture
Hammock Day Hammock Day Hobbies & ActivitiesRelaxation
Mango Day Mango Day Food & DrinkFruit
Hot Dog Day Hot Dog Day
Penuche Fudge Day Penuche Fudge Day Food & DrinkSweets
Crème Brûlée Day Crème Brûlée Day BakingDessertFood & Drink
July 23 Tuesday
National Gorgeous Grandma Day National Gorgeous Grandma Day RelationshipAppreciationFamilyLoveSeniors
International Yada, Yada, Yada Day International Yada, Yada, Yada Day Life & LivingPeople & Relationships
Sprinkle Day Sprinkle Day BakingCakeDessertFood & Drink
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day BakingChocolateFood & DrinkPeanut
Vanilla Ice Cream Day Vanilla Ice Cream Day
Gorgeous Grandma Day Gorgeous Grandma Day GrandparentPeople & Relationships
July 24 Wednesday
National Cousins Day National Cousins Day RelationshipAppreciationExtended FamilyFamilyLove
National Drive-Thru Day National Drive-Thru Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodFast FoodFoodFun
National Tequila Day National Tequila Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
Tell An Old Joke Day Tell An Old Joke Day Hobbies & Activities
Drive-Thru Day Drive-Thru Day Food & Drink
Cousins Day Cousins Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
Tequila Day Tequila Day Food & DrinkSpirits & Liquers
Pioneer Day Pioneer Day
July 25 Thursday
National Hot Fudge Sundae Day National Hot Fudge Sundae Day Food & BeverageActivitiesChocolateDessertFoodIce CreamSweet Food
National Wine and Cheese Day National Wine and Cheese Day Food & BeverageCheeseCulturalFrenchLifestyleWine
Carousel Day Carousel Day
Wine and Cheese Day Wine and Cheese Day AlcoholCheeseFood & Drink
Hot Fudge Sundae Day Hot Fudge Sundae Day DessertFood & DrinkFudgeIce CreamSweets
Thread The Needle Day Thread The Needle Day Hobbies & Activities
July 26 Friday
National Aunt and Uncle Day National Aunt and Uncle Day RelationshipAppreciationExtended FamilyFamilyLove
National Coffee Milkshake Day National Coffee Milkshake Day Food & BeverageCoffeeDessertIce CreamSweet Food
National Parents’ Day National Parents’ Day FamilyAppreciationExtended FamilyLoveParents
One Voice Day One Voice Day Government & Legal
Holistic Therapy Day Holistic Therapy Day
All or Nothing Day All or Nothing Day Hobbies & Activities
Aunt and Uncle Day Aunt and Uncle Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
Coffee Milk Shake Day Coffee Milk Shake Day CoffeeFood & DrinkIce Cream
Parents’ Day Parents’ Day ParentsPeople & Relationships
July 27 Saturday
National Creme Brûlée Day National Creme Brûlée Day Food & BeverageDessertFrench
National Scotch Day National Scotch Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsDrinkingLiquor
Norfolk Day Norfolk Day BritishCountries & Cultures
Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day Hobbies & ActivitiesPlants & Flowers
Walk On Stilts Day Walk On Stilts Day Hobbies & Activities
Chicken Finger Day Chicken Finger Day
Scotch Whisky Day Scotch Whisky Day AlcoholFood & DrinkSpirits & Liquers
Gary Gygax Day Gary Gygax Day Hobbies & ActivitiesToys & Games
July 28 Sunday
National Milk Chocolate Day National Milk Chocolate Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolateDessertFoodSweet Food
World Hepatitis Day World Hepatitis Day HealthAwarenessEducationalGlobal FocusInternational
Milk Chocolate Day Milk Chocolate Day ChocolateFood & Drink
July 29 Monday
​Day of Arafah ​Day of Arafah ReligiousCulturalIslamic
National Chicken Wing Day National Chicken Wing Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodBBQFast FoodFood
National Lasagna Day National Lasagna Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodItalian FoodPasta
National Lipstick Day National Lipstick Day FashionCosmeticsHealth & Beauty
Lipstick Day Lipstick Day AccessoriesItems & ThingsMakeup
Lasagna Day Lasagna Day CheeseFood & DrinkMeatPastaVegetarian & Vegan
International Chicken Wing Day International Chicken Wing Day Food & DrinkMeat
International Tiger Day International Tiger Day AnimalsTigers
Rain Day Rain Day Nature & EnvironmentWeather
Earth Overshoot Day Earth Overshoot Day
July 30 Tuesday
International Day of Friendship International Day of Friendship RelationshipAppreciationFriendshipFunInternationalLoveMental Health
National Cheesecake Day National Cheesecake Day Food & BeverageCheeseDessertFoodSweet Food
National Chili Dog Day National Chili Dog Day Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodFun
National Father-in-Law Day National Father-in-Law Day FamilyAppreciationElderlyLoveParentsSeniors
Father-in-Law Day Father-in-Law Day ParentsPeople & Relationships
Share a Hug Day Share a Hug Day
Friendship Day Friendship Day People & Relationships
Paperback Book Day Paperback Book Day Hobbies & ActivitiesReading & Writing
Cheesecake Day Cheesecake Day CakeCheeseFood & Drink
Chili Dog Day Chili Dog Day BreadFood & DrinkMeat
Intern Day Intern Day
July 31 Wednesday
Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha ReligiousIslamic
Harry Potter's Birthday Harry Potter's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentChildrenFamilyPop Culture
National Avocado Day National Avocado Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodFruitHealthy Food
Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
World Ranger Day World Ranger Day Jobs & ProfessionsPark Ranger
Raspberry Cake Day Raspberry Cake Day CakeFood & Drink
Talk In An Elevator Day Talk In An Elevator Day Hobbies & Activities
System Administrator Appreciation Day System Administrator Appreciation Day ITJobs & Professions