The Latest List of Special Interest Holidays 2023

We Love Special Interest Holidays! Here are 144 Special Interest holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 1 Monday
New Year's Day New Year's Day Special InterestActivities
January 4 Thursday
National Trivia Day National Trivia Day Special InterestActivities
January 7 Sunday
National Bobblehead Day National Bobblehead Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
January 8 Monday
National Bubble Bath Day National Bubble Bath Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
January 10 Wednesday
National Houseplant Appreciation Day National Houseplant Appreciation Day Special InterestActivities
January 12 Friday
Kiss a Ginger Day Kiss a Ginger Day Special InterestActivitiesFriendshipLove
January 13 Saturday
National Rubber Ducky Day National Rubber Ducky Day Special InterestActivities
National Sticker Day National Sticker Day Special InterestActivities
January 17 Wednesday
Michelle Obama’s Birthday Michelle Obama’s Birthday Special InterestBirthdayCelebrity
January 18 Thursday
National Thesaurus Day National Thesaurus Day Special InterestActivities
January 22 Monday
Celebration of Life Day Celebration of Life Day Special InterestActivities
January 25 Thursday
Opposite Day Opposite Day Special InterestActivities
January 29 Monday
National Puzzle Day National Puzzle Day Special InterestActivities
February 2 Friday
Groundhog Day Groundhog Day Special InterestActivitiesWildlife
Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl Sunday Special InterestSports
February 5 Monday
National Signing Day National Signing Day Special InterestSports
February 8 Thursday
National Boy Scout Day National Boy Scout Day Special InterestActivities
February 11 Sunday
National Clean Out Your Computer Day National Clean Out Your Computer Day Special InterestTechnology
National Inventors' Day National Inventors' Day Special InterestCareers
Safer Internet Day Safer Internet Day Special InterestSafetyTechnology
February 13 Tuesday
World Radio Day World Radio Day Special InterestTechnology
February 17 Saturday
Random Act of Kindness Day Random Act of Kindness Day Special InterestActivitiesFriendship
February 19 Monday
Tug of War Day Tug of War Day Special InterestActivities
March 4 Monday
National Grammar Day National Grammar Day Special InterestActivities
March 6 Wednesday
National Day of Unplugging National Day of Unplugging Special InterestTechnology
National Oreo Cookie Day National Oreo Cookie Day Special InterestBrand
March 7 Thursday
National Be Heard Day National Be Heard Day Special InterestActivitiesCareers
March 9 Saturday
National Barbie Day National Barbie Day Special InterestBrand
National Napping Day National Napping Day Special InterestActivities
March 11 Monday
National Promposal Day National Promposal Day Special InterestActivities
March 12 Tuesday
National Girl Scout Day National Girl Scout Day Special InterestActivities
March 14 Thursday
National Pi Day National Pi Day Special InterestActivities
March 18 Monday
Awkward Moments Day Awkward Moments Day Special InterestActivitiesFunny
March 21 Thursday
National Common Courtesy Day National Common Courtesy Day Special InterestActivities
March 22 Friday
National Goof Off Day National Goof Off Day Special InterestActivities
March 23 Saturday
World Meteorological Day World Meteorological Day Special InterestCareers
March 28 Thursday
Major League Baseball Opening Day Major League Baseball Opening Day Special InterestSports
March 29 Friday
National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day Special InterestCareers
March 31 Sunday
World Backup Day World Backup Day Special InterestTechnology
April 1 Monday
April Fools' Day April Fools' Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
April 4 Thursday
National Hug a Newsperson Day National Hug a Newsperson Day Special InterestCareersFriendship
April 6 Saturday
National Student-Athlete Day National Student-Athlete Day Special InterestSportsChildrenEducational
April 10 Wednesday
Day of Silence Day of Silence Special InterestCulturalEducationalLGBTQ
April 16 Tuesday
National High Five Day National High Five Day Special InterestActivities
April 20 Saturday
National Look-Alike Day National Look-Alike Day Special InterestActivities
April 23 Tuesday
National Picnic Day National Picnic Day Special InterestActivitiesBeverageFoodFriendship
April 25 Thursday
National Telephone Day National Telephone Day Special InterestTechnology
May 3 Friday
National Paranormal Day National Paranormal Day Special InterestActivitiesObscureWeird National
May 5 Sunday
National Teacher Day National Teacher Day Special InterestCareersCiviceducation
May 6 Monday
National Nurses Day National Nurses Day Special InterestCareersCivic
National Tourist Appreciation Day National Tourist Appreciation Day Special InterestActivitiesInternationalTravel
May 7 Tuesday
National Tourism Day National Tourism Day Special InterestActivitiesInternationalTravel
World Password Day World Password Day Special InterestInternetTechnology
May 8 Wednesday
National Have a Coke Day National Have a Coke Day Special InterestBeverageBrandFun
May 10 Friday
National Clean Your Room Day National Clean Your Room Day Special InterestActivitiesCleaningOrganization
May 12 Sunday
National Limerick Day National Limerick Day Special InterestActivitiesFunFunny
May 13 Monday
Fair Trade Day Fair Trade Day InternationalSpecial InterestConsumer AwarenessFarmingGlobalGlobal FocusShoppingSocial ChangeSustainability
National Receptionists Day National Receptionists Day Special InterestCareersWorkplace
May 18 Saturday
National No Dirty Dishes Day National No Dirty Dishes Day Special InterestActivitiesCleaningFamilyOrganization
May 20 Monday
National Be a Millionaire Day National Be a Millionaire Day Special InterestActivitiesCareersFunLifestyle
May 24 Friday
National Scavenger Hunt Day National Scavenger Hunt Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
May 26 Sunday
National Paper Airplane Day National Paper Airplane Day Special InterestActivitiesFunHobbies
June 6 Tuesday
National Yo-Yo Day National Yo-Yo Day Special InterestActivitiesFunHistoricalHobbies
June 13 Tuesday
National Sewing Machine Day National Sewing Machine Day Special InterestActivitiesHobbies
June 18 Sunday
National Go Fishing Day National Go Fishing Day Special InterestActivitiesHobbiesWildlife
June 19 Monday
International Box Day International Box Day Special InterestActivitiesCatInternationalPet
June 21 Wednesday
International Yoga Day International Yoga Day Special InterestFitnessHealthInternationalLifestyleMens HealthMental HealthSportsWomens HealthYoga
National Selfie Day National Selfie Day Special InterestActivitiesFunSocial Media
June 27 Tuesday
ARRL Field Day ARRL Field Day CulturalSpecial InterestFestivalsRadio
National Sunglasses Day National Sunglasses Day Special InterestActivitiesFashion
June 29 Thursday
Hug Holiday Hug Holiday Special InterestActivitiesExtended FamilyFamilyFriendshipLoveMental Health
June 30 Friday
International Asteroid Day International Asteroid Day Special InterestActivitiesInternationalObscureScience
Social Media Day Social Media Day Special InterestActivitiesFunGlobalInternationalInternetMental HealthSocial Media
July 1 Saturday
International Joke Day International Joke Day Special InterestActivitiesFunFunnyInternational
July 2 Sunday
World UFO Day World UFO Day Special InterestCrazyHistoricalObscurePop CultureScience Fiction
July 8 Saturday
National Video Game Day National Video Game Day Special InterestActivitiesFunVideo Games
July 11 Tuesday
National Free Slurpee Day National Free Slurpee Day Special InterestActivitiesBeverageBrandFun
July 12 Wednesday
National Simplicity Day National Simplicity Day Special InterestActivitiesMental HealthOrganization
July 14 Friday
Pandemonium Day Pandemonium Day Special InterestActivitiesObscureOrganizationProductivity
July 15 Saturday
National Give Something Away Day National Give Something Away Day Special InterestActivitiesCleaningGiving BackOrganization
July 18 Tuesday
World Listening Day World Listening Day Special InterestActivitiesCreativeEnvironmentGlobalMusic
July 20 Thursday
National Moon Day National Moon Day Special InterestAmericanEducationalHistoricalPop CultureScienceTechnology
July 22 Saturday
National Hammock Day National Hammock Day Special InterestActivitiesFunSummer
August 8 Tuesday
National Bowling Day National Bowling Day Special InterestSports
August 9 Wednesday
National Book Lovers Day National Book Lovers Day Special InterestChildrenEducationalPop Culture
August 15 Tuesday
Chant at the Moon Day Chant at the Moon Day Special InterestActivities
National Relaxation Day National Relaxation Day Special InterestActivities
August 16 Wednesday
National Tell A Joke Day National Tell A Joke Day Special InterestActivities
August 20 Sunday
National Radio Day National Radio Day Special InterestTechnology
August 21 Monday
National Senior Citizens Day National Senior Citizens Day Special InterestActivities
August 22 Tuesday
National Tooth Fairy Day National Tooth Fairy Day Special InterestActivities
August 24 Thursday
Kobe Bryant Remembrance Day Kobe Bryant Remembrance Day CulturalSpecial InterestSportsCelebrityPop Culture
Kobe Bryant Day Kobe Bryant Day CulturalSpecial InterestSportsCelebrityPop Culture
August 27 Sunday
National Just Because Day National Just Because Day Special InterestActivities
August 30 Wednesday
National Beach Day National Beach Day Special InterestActivities
September 1 Friday
American Chess Day American Chess Day Special InterestActivities
September 3 Sunday
National Skyscraper Day National Skyscraper Day Special InterestActivities
September 4 Monday
College Colors Day College Colors Day Special InterestActivitiesCollegeColorsSocial Event
September 8 Friday
Telephone Tuesday Telephone Tuesday Special InterestShopping
September 9 Saturday
International Sudoku Day International Sudoku Day Special InterestActivities
September 11 Monday
National Make Your Bed Day National Make Your Bed Day Special InterestActivities
September 12 Tuesday
National Video Games Day National Video Games Day Special InterestTechnology
National Day of Civic Hacking National Day of Civic Hacking Special InterestTechnology
September 19 Tuesday
National Gymnastics Day National Gymnastics Day Special InterestSportsHobby
Talk Like a Pirate Day Talk Like a Pirate Day Special InterestActivities
September 26 Tuesday
National Hunting and Fishing Day National Hunting and Fishing Day Special InterestSportsLifestyle
September 27 Wednesday
World Tourism Day World Tourism Day Special InterestActivities
September 29 Friday
National Starbucks Day National Starbucks Day Special InterestBrandLifestylePop Culture
September 30 Saturday
International Podcast Day International Podcast Day Special InterestTechnology
October 2 Monday
World Smile Day World Smile Day Special InterestActivitiesFunny
October 5 Thursday
National Do Something Nice Day National Do Something Nice Day Special InterestActivitiesCultural
October 12 Thursday
Farmers Day Farmers Day Special InterestCareersLifestyle
October 16 Monday
National Boss's Day National Boss's Day Special InterestCareers
October 17 Tuesday
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day Special InterestTechnology
October 23 Monday
National Mole Day National Mole Day Special InterestCareersScience
October 29 Sunday
National Internet Day National Internet Day Special InterestTechnology
October 30 Monday
National Checklist Day National Checklist Day Special InterestActivities
November 1 Wednesday
National Men Make Dinner Day National Men Make Dinner Day Special InterestActivitiesCooking
November 2 Thursday
Job Action Day Job Action Day Special InterestCareersjob
November 5 Sunday
American Football Day American Football Day Special InterestSports
November 11 Saturday
Singles Day Singles Day Special InterestShopping
November 12 Sunday
National Happy Hour Day National Happy Hour Day Special InterestActivities
November 19 Sunday
National Entrepreneur's Day National Entrepreneur's Day Special InterestCareersWork
November 20 Monday
Future Teachers of America Day Future Teachers of America Day Special InterestCareers
November 21 Tuesday
World Television Day World Television Day Special InterestTechnology
November 22 Wednesday
Go For A Ride Day Go For A Ride Day Special InterestActivities
November 27 Monday
Black Friday Black Friday Special InterestShopping
November 28 Tuesday
Small Business Saturday Small Business Saturday Special InterestShopping
November 30 Thursday
Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Special InterestShopping
National Computer Security Day National Computer Security Day Special InterestAwarenessEducationalSafetyTechnology
December 1 Friday
National Christmas Lights Day National Christmas Lights Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
December 5 Tuesday
Candle Day Candle Day Special InterestBrand
International Ninja Day International Ninja Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
December 7 Thursday
International Civil Aviation Day International Civil Aviation Day Special InterestActivities
National Letter Writing Day National Letter Writing Day Special InterestActivitiesFriendshipLoveWriting
December 21 Thursday
National Crossword Puzzle Day National Crossword Puzzle Day Special InterestActivities
December 26 Tuesday
Kwanzaa Kwanzaa Special InterestCultural
National Thank You Note Day National Thank You Note Day Special InterestActivities
December 29 Friday
Still Need To Do Day Still Need To Do Day Special InterestActivities
February 1 Thursday
National Embroidery Month National Embroidery Month Special InterestActivitiesFashion
March 1 Friday
National Crafting Month National Crafting Month Special InterestActivitiesFunHobby
May 1 Wednesday
National Inventors Month National Inventors Month Special InterestActivitiesTechnology
September 1 Friday
World Candle Month World Candle Month InternationalSpecial InterestAwarenessLifestyle
October 1 Sunday
National Pescatarian Month National Pescatarian Month CulturalFood & BeverageHealthSpecial InterestHealth and WellnessNutritionSustainability