The Latest List of Arts & Entertainment Holidays 2022

We Love Arts & Entertainment Holidays! Here are 72 Arts & Entertainment holidays in this year 2022. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 2 Monday
National Science Fiction Day National Science Fiction Day Arts & EntertainmentBooksCreativeMoviesTV
January 3 Tuesday
JRR Tolkien Day JRR Tolkien Day Arts & EntertainmentBooksCelebrity
January 8 Sunday
Elvis Presley’s Birthday Elvis Presley’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentCelebrityMusic
January 15 Sunday
National Hat Day National Hat Day Arts & EntertainmentFashion
January 18 Wednesday
National Winnie the Pooh Day National Winnie the Pooh Day Arts & EntertainmentChildrenFamilyParents
January 21 Saturday
Museum Selfie Day Museum Selfie Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesEducational
February 2 Thursday
National Ukulele Day National Ukulele Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesMusic
February 6 Monday
Bob Marley's Birthday Bob Marley's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
February 10 Friday
National Umbrella Day National Umbrella Day Arts & EntertainmentFashion
February 11 Saturday
National Guitar Day National Guitar Day Arts & EntertainmentMusic
February 20 Monday
Rihanna’s Birthday Rihanna’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentCelebrityMusicPop Culture
February 27 Monday
National Pokemon Day National Pokemon Day Arts & EntertainmentFunPop Culture
March 1 Wednesday
Justin Bieber's Birthday Justin Bieber's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentCanadianMusicPop Culture
March 2 Thursday
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBooksChildrenFamily
March 6 Monday
National Dress Day National Dress Day Arts & EntertainmentFashion
March 10 Friday
Mario Day Mario Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFunTechnology
March 21 Tuesday
National Fragrance Day National Fragrance Day Arts & EntertainmentFashion
World Poetry Day World Poetry Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesCultural
March 27 Monday
Quentin Tarantino's Birthday Quentin Tarantino's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentCelebrityMoviesPop Culture
March 28 Tuesday
Lady Gaga's Birthday Lady Gaga's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
April 16 Sunday
Selena Day Selena Day Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityCulturalPop Culture
April 23 Sunday
World Book Day World Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesBooksEducational
April 28 Friday
National Superhero Day National Superhero Day Arts & EntertainmentPop Culture
April 29 Saturday
International Dance Day International Dance Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
April 30 Sunday
International Jazz Day International Jazz Day Arts & EntertainmentFunCulturalMusic
May 2 Tuesday
Free Comic Book Day Free Comic Book Day Arts & EntertainmentChildrenLifestyleSuperhero
May 4 Thursday
Star Wars Day Star Wars Day Arts & EntertainmentMoviesPop Culture
May 21 Sunday
National Talk Like Yoda Day National Talk Like Yoda Day Arts & EntertainmentMovie
May 25 Thursday
Towel Day Towel Day Arts & EntertainmentBooksPop Culture
June 7 Wednesday
Prince’s Birthday Prince’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityMusicPop Culture
June 9 Friday
National Donald Duck Day National Donald Duck Day Arts & EntertainmentChildrenPop Culture
June 16 Friday
Tupac's Birthday Tupac's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityMusicPop Culture
June 25 Sunday
Bourdain Day Bourdain Day Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityFoodPop CultureTravel
Global Beatles Day Global Beatles Day Arts & EntertainmentGlobalInternationalMusicPop Culture
July 5 Wednesday
National Bikini Day National Bikini Day Arts & EntertainmentFashionHistoricalSummer
July 14 Friday
Bastille Day Bastille Day Arts & EntertainmentCulturalFrenchHistoricalPop Culture
July 17 Monday
World Emoji Day World Emoji Day Arts & EntertainmentPop CultureSocial Media
July 22 Saturday
Selena Gomez's Birthday Selena Gomez's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityMusicPop Culture
July 31 Monday
Harry Potter's Birthday Harry Potter's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentChildrenFamilyPop Culture
August 1 Tuesday
Spider-Man Day Spider-Man Day Arts & EntertainmentPop Culture
August 2 Wednesday
National Coloring Book Day National Coloring Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
August 3 Thursday
Tom Brady's Birthday Tom Brady's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebritySports
August 4 Friday
Barack Obama’s Birthday Barack Obama’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityPop Culture
August 5 Saturday
National Underwear Day National Underwear Day Arts & EntertainmentFashion
August 7 Monday
National Lighthouse Day National Lighthouse Day Arts & EntertainmentCulturalHistorical
September 4 Monday
Beyoncé’s Birthday Beyoncé’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
September 6 Wednesday
National Read a Book Day National Read a Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFunWriting
September 14 Thursday
National Coloring Day National Coloring Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
September 19 Tuesday
National Dance Day National Dance Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
September 21 Thursday
Batman Day Batman Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesPop Culture
September 22 Friday
Hobbit Day Hobbit Day Arts & EntertainmentPop CultureWeird National
September 25 Monday
National Comic Book Day National Comic Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFunPop Culture
October 3 Tuesday
Mean Girls Day Mean Girls Day Arts & EntertainmentMovie
National Poetry Day National Poetry Day Arts & EntertainmentBookseducation
October 11 Wednesday
Cardi B's Birthday Cardi B's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
October 17 Tuesday
Eminem's Birthday Eminem's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayMusicPop Culture
October 21 Saturday
​Back to the Future Day ​Back to the Future Day Arts & EntertainmentMoviesPop Culture
October 24 Tuesday
Drake's Birthday Drake's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
October 25 Wednesday
Katy Perry's Birthday Katy Perry's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
National Art Day National Art Day Arts & EntertainmentPop Culture
November 9 Thursday
Go to an Art Museum Day Go to an Art Museum Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesEducationalFun
November 10 Friday
Sesame Street Day Sesame Street Day Arts & EntertainmentPop Culture
November 11 Saturday
National Metal Day National Metal Day Arts & EntertainmentFunnyMusicPop Culture
November 18 Saturday
Mickey Mouse Day Mickey Mouse Day Arts & EntertainmentPop Culture
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayChildrenFamilyParentsPop Culture
Minnie Mouse's Birthday Minnie Mouse's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentChildrenPop Culture
December 4 Sunday
Jay-Z’s Birthday Jay-Z’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityMusic
December 13 Tuesday
National Violin Day National Violin Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesMusic
Taylor Swift’s Birthday Taylor Swift’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
December 18 Sunday
Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day Arts & EntertainmentPop Culture
December 19 Monday
National Emo Day National Emo Day Arts & EntertainmentCulturalLifestyleMusicPop CultureWeird National
April 16 Sunday
National Library Week National Library Week Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesBooks