The Latest List of Religious Holidays 2024

We Love Religious Holidays! Here are 35 Religious holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 6 Monday
Three Kings Day Three Kings Day ReligiousChristianCultural
February 2 Sunday
Candlemas Day Candlemas Day ReligiousChristian
February 17 Monday
Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday ReligiousChristian
March 9 Sunday
Purim Purim ReligiousCulturalFestivitiesHistoricalJewishParty
April 8 Tuesday
Passover Passover ReligiousCulturalFamilyFestivitiesHistoricalJewish
April 9 Wednesday
Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday ReligiousChristianHistorical
April 10 Thursday
Good Friday Good Friday ReligiousChristianHistorical
April 12 Saturday
Easter Easter ReligiousChristianHistorical
May 7 Wednesday
National Day of Prayer National Day of Prayer ReligiousBuddhistChristianCulturalIslamicJewish
Vesak Vesak ReligiousBuddhistInternational
June 24 Monday
Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day ReligiousCanadianChristianCivicFestivals
July 5 Friday
Asalha Puja Asalha Puja ReligiousBuddhistCulturalHistorical
July 29 Monday
​Day of Arafah ​Day of Arafah ReligiousCulturalIslamic
July 31 Wednesday
Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha ReligiousIslamic
August 8 Thursday
Peace Festival in Augsburg Peace Festival in Augsburg ReligiousChristianCulturalGermanHistorical
August 15 Thursday
Feast of the Assumption Feast of the Assumption ReligiousChristianFestivalsFestivities
August 19 Monday
Islamic New Year Islamic New Year ReligiousIslamic
August 22 Thursday
Ganesh Chaturthi Ganesh Chaturthi ReligiousHinduIndian Holidays
Onam Onam ReligiousIndian Holidays
August 28 Wednesday
Ashura Ashura ReligiousIslamicJewish
September 1 Sunday
Pitru Paksha Pitru Paksha ReligiousHinduIndian Holidays
September 16 Monday
Pchum Ben Pchum Ben ReligiousBuddhist
September 18 Wednesday
Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah ReligiousJewish
September 27 Friday
Yom Kippur Yom Kippur ReligiousCulturalJewish
October 2 Wednesday
Sukkot Sukkot ReligiousHistoricalJewish
October 10 Thursday
Simchat Torah Simchat Torah religious
October 16 Wednesday
Mysore Dasara Mysore Dasara ReligiousHindu
October 17 Thursday
Navratri Navratri ReligiousHinduIndian Holidays
October 25 Friday
Vijayadashami Vijayadashami ReligiousHinduIndian Holidays
December 6 Friday
St. Nicholas Day St. Nicholas Day ReligiousFamily HolidaysFestivities
December 10 Tuesday
Chanukah Chanukah ReligiousSeasonalFamilyFriendshipHistoricalJewish
December 24 Tuesday
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve ReligiousSeasonalChristianFamilyFriendshipHistorical
December 25 Wednesday
Christmas Christmas ReligiousSeasonalChristianFamilyFriendshipHistorical
Jesus' Birthday Jesus' Birthday ReligiousCatholicChristian
October 24 Thursday
Durga Puja Durga Puja ReligiousCulturalHindu