April Holidays & National Days 2024

We Love April Holidays & National Days! Here are calendar of total 274 holidays and national days in April 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
April 1 Tuesday
Distracted Driving Awareness Month Distracted Driving Awareness Month CauseAwarenessHealth
Keep America Beautiful Month Keep America Beautiful Month CauseCivicEducationalEnvironment
Move More Month Move More Month HealthLifestyle
Couple Appreciation Month Couple Appreciation Month RelationshipFamilyLove
National Decorating Month National Decorating Month ActivitiesLifestyle
National Garden Month National Garden Month EnvironmentalFunHealthActivitiesEnvironmentLifestyle
National Humor Month National Humor Month FunFunny
National Internship Awareness Month National Internship Awareness Month CareerAwarenessCareersWork
National Pecan Month National Pecan Month Food & BeverageNuts
National Pet Month National Pet Month AnimalBirdCatDogPetPet Health
National Soft Pretzel Month National Soft Pretzel Month Food & BeverageCatholic
National Soy Foods Month National Soy Foods Month Food & BeverageChinese foodHealthy Food
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month AnimalPetPet HealthWildlife
Scottish-American Heritage Month Scottish-American Heritage Month CulturalActivities
Sexual Assault Awareness Month Sexual Assault Awareness Month HealthAwarenessMental Health
Stress Awareness Month Stress Awareness Month HealthAwarenessMental Health
Month of the Military Child Month of the Military Child ChildrenMilitaryPeople & Relationships
Summer Tire Changeover Month Summer Tire Changeover Month CarsTransport
Active Dog Month Active Dog Month AnimalsDogs
Autism Awareness Month Autism Awareness Month
Straw Hat Month Straw Hat Month AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Garden Month Garden Month GardeningHobbies & Activities
Parkinson’s Awareness Month Parkinson’s Awareness Month
Adopt A Ferret Month Adopt A Ferret Month
Decorating Month Decorating Month Art & DrawingHobbies & Activities
Jazz Appreciation Month Jazz Appreciation Month Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
Poetry Month Poetry Month Hobbies & Activities
April Fools' Day April Fools' Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
National Walking Day National Walking Day HealthActivities
Sourdough Bread Day Sourdough Bread Day BreadFood & Drink
One Cent Day One Cent Day Life & LivingMoney & Finance
Fun Day Fun Day Hobbies & Activities
Reading Is Funny Day Reading Is Funny Day Books & LiteratureChildren
Tell A Lie Day Tell A Lie Day Life & Living
April 2 Wednesday
National Burrito Day National Burrito Day Food & BeverageFoodMexicanMexican food
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Food & BeverageFood
World Autism Awareness Day World Autism Awareness Day HealthAwarenessMental Health
Love Your Produce Manager Day Love Your Produce Manager Day GrocersJobs & Professions
World Autism Day World Autism Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Ferret Day Ferret Day Animals
Children’s Book Day Children’s Book Day Books & LiteratureChildrenItems & Things
Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Peanut Butter and Jelly Day Food & Drink
Poet in a Cupcake Day Poet in a Cupcake Day CakeCupcakeFood & Drink
April 3 Thursday
National Find a Rainbow Day National Find a Rainbow Day FunActivitiesMeteorological
World Party Day World Party Day FunActivitiesFamilyFriendship
Chocolate Mousse Day Chocolate Mousse Day ChocolateDessertFood & Drink
Tweed Day Tweed Day ClothingCrimeItems & Things
Fish Fingers and Custard Day Fish Fingers and Custard Day Food & Drink
Find A Rainbow Day Find A Rainbow Day Nature & Environment
Walk to Work Day Walk to Work Day Hobbies & ActivitiesSport & Fitness
DIY Day DIY Day Art & DrawingCraftsHobbies & ActivitiesItems & Things
Firewalk Day Firewalk Day
Tangible Karma Day Tangible Karma Day Life & LivingReligion & Belief
Pillow Fight Day Pillow Fight Day Hobbies & Activities
April 4 Friday
National Hug a Newsperson Day National Hug a Newsperson Day Special InterestCareersFriendship
Qingming Festival Qingming Festival CulturalChineseChinese foodFamily
D.A.R.E. Day D.A.R.E. Day Countries & CulturesGovernment & LegalLaws & Rights
World Rat Day World Rat Day Animals
Cordon Bleu Day Cordon Bleu Day Food & Drink
Carrot Day Carrot Day Food & DrinkVegetable
Vitamin C Day Vitamin C Day Food & Drink
Walk Around Things Day Walk Around Things Day People & Relationships
Geologists’ Day Geologists’ Day
April 5 Saturday
National Deep Dish Pizza Day National Deep Dish Pizza Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
March 30 Sunday
Experience Week Experience Week Hobbies & ActivitiesPeople & Relationships
April 5 Saturday
Caramel Day Caramel Day Food & Drink
Go For Broke Day Go For Broke Day Hobbies & Activities
Hospital Admitting Clerks Day Hospital Admitting Clerks Day HealthcareJobs & Professions
Read A Road Map Day Read A Road Map Day Hobbies & ActivitiesReading & Writing
Deep Dish Pizza Day Deep Dish Pizza Day Food & Drink
Star Trek First Contact Day Star Trek First Contact Day Fantasy & MagicHobbies & Activities
April 6 Sunday
National Siamese Cat Day National Siamese Cat Day AnimalCatPet
National Student-Athlete Day National Student-Athlete Day Special InterestSportsChildrenEducational
New Beer's Eve New Beer's Eve Food & BeverageActivitiesBeerBeverage
World Table Tennis Day World Table Tennis Day Hobbies & ActivitiesSport & Fitness
Tartan Day Tartan Day ClothingItems & ThingsScotland
Caramel Popcorn Day Caramel Popcorn Day Food & Drink
Plan Your Epitaph Day Plan Your Epitaph Day People & RelationshipsReligion & Belief
Army Day Army Day Jobs & ProfessionsMilitary
April 7 Monday
National Beer Day National Beer Day Food & BeverageBeerBeverage
National No Housework Day National No Housework Day FunObscure
World Health Day World Health Day HealthAwareness
Beaver Day Beaver Day Animals
Making The First Move Day Making The First Move Day
Beer Day Beer Day
No Housework Day No Housework Day Hobbies & ActivitiesRelaxation
Day Of Hope Day Of Hope CharityChildrenLife & Living
April 8 Tuesday
National Empanada Day National Empanada Day Food & BeverageCookingCulturalEthnicFoodSpanish
Passover Passover ReligiousCulturalFamilyFestivitiesHistoricalJewish
Zoo Lovers Day Zoo Lovers Day Animals
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day Draw a Picture of a Bird Day AnimalsBirds
April 9 Wednesday
Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday ReligiousChristianHistorical
National Unicorn Day National Unicorn Day
National Winston Churchill Day National Winston Churchill Day FederalBritishHistorical
Winston Churchill Day Winston Churchill Day Famous People
Name Yourself Day Name Yourself Day NamesPeople & Relationships
Cherish An Antique Day Cherish An Antique Day Hobbies & Activities
Unicorn Day Unicorn Day AnimalsFantasy & Magic
April 10 Thursday
Good Friday Good Friday ReligiousChristianHistorical
Day of Silence Day of Silence Special InterestCulturalEducationalLGBTQ
National Hug Your Dog Day National Hug Your Dog Day AnimalDogPet
National Siblings Day National Siblings Day RelationshipFamily
International Safety Pin Day International Safety Pin Day Items & Things
Sibling Day Sibling Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
Golfer’s Day Golfer’s Day Hobbies & Activities
April 11 Friday
National Pet Day National Pet Day AnimalBirdCatDogPet
National Eight Track Tape Day National Eight Track Tape Day MusicRetroTechnology
Submarine Day Submarine Day Items & Things
World Parkinson’s Disease Day World Parkinson’s Disease Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Cheese Fondue Day Cheese Fondue Day CheeseFood & Drink
Barbershop Quartet Day Barbershop Quartet Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
Pet Day Pet Day Animals
April 12 Saturday
Easter Easter ReligiousChristianHistorical
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Food & BeverageCheeseFood
April 6 Sunday
Coin Week Coin Week
April 12 Saturday
Walk On Your Wild Side Day Walk On Your Wild Side Day Hobbies & Activities
Licorice Day Licorice Day Food & DrinkSweets
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day BreadCheeseFood & Drink
Deskfast Day Deskfast Day Body & HealthFood & Drink
April 13 Sunday
National Make Lunch Count Day National Make Lunch Count Day Food & BeverageFood
National Scrabble Day National Scrabble Day FunFamilyLifestyle
International FND Awareness Day International FND Awareness Day Body & HealthHealthcareLife & Living
Thomas Jefferson Day Thomas Jefferson Day Famous People
Scrabble Day Scrabble Day Hobbies & ActivitiesToys & Games
Equal Pay Day Equal Pay Day Life & LivingMoney & Finance
Be Kind To Lawyers Day Be Kind To Lawyers Day Jobs & ProfessionsLawyers
April 14 Monday
National Ex-Spouse Day National Ex-Spouse Day RelationshipFamily
RAINN Day RAINN Day CauseAwarenessHealthMental Health
National Gardening Day National Gardening Day Fun
Look Up at the Sky Day Look Up at the Sky Day Hobbies & Activities
Dolphin Day Dolphin Day Animals
Day of Pink Day of Pink People & Relationships
April 15 Tuesday
National Laundry Day National Laundry Day FamilyLifestyle
Tax Day Tax Day FinancialFederal
Take A Wild Guess Day Take A Wild Guess Day Hobbies & Activities
Microvolunteering Day Microvolunteering Day CharityHobbies & Activities
Anime Day Anime Day
ASL Day ASL Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsLanguage
That Sucks! Day That Sucks! Day Hobbies & Activities
High Five Day High Five Day Hobbies & Activities
College Student Grief Awareness Day College Student Grief Awareness Day Attitudes & EmotionsLife & Living
April 16 Wednesday
National High Five Day National High Five Day Special InterestActivities
National Librarian Day National Librarian Day CareerEducationBooksLibrary
Selena Day Selena Day Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayCelebrityCulturalPop Culture
Wear Pajamas to Work Day Wear Pajamas to Work Day FunActivitiesWorkWorkplace
Save The Elephant Day Save The Elephant Day Animals
Eggs Benedict Day Eggs Benedict Day EggsFood & Drink
Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day ClothingHobbies & Activities
April 17 Thursday
National Cheese Ball Day National Cheese Ball Day Food & BeverageCheeseFood
International Bat Appreciation Day International Bat Appreciation Day animalsAppreciation
Kickball Day Kickball Day
Ford Mustang Day Ford Mustang Day CarsTransport
Nothing Like A Dame Day Nothing Like A Dame Day Hobbies & Activities
World Hemophilia Day World Hemophilia Day Body & HealthCharity
Cheeseball Day Cheeseball Day
Haiku Poetry Day Haiku Poetry Day Hobbies & Activities
Blah Blah Blah Day Blah Blah Blah Day Hobbies & Activities
Bat Appreciation Day Bat Appreciation Day Animals
Auctioneers Day Auctioneers Day Jobs & Professions
Record Store Day Record Store Day
April 18 Friday
Husband Appreciation Day Husband Appreciation Day RelationshipFamily
National Haiku Poetry Day National Haiku Poetry Day FunActivitiesWriting
National Lineman Appreciation Day National Lineman Appreciation Day CareerHistoricalWork
National Velociraptor Awareness Day National Velociraptor Awareness Day EducationEducationalHistoricalMovies
Piñata Day Piñata Day Items & ThingsMexico
Columnists Day Columnists Day Jobs & ProfessionsWriters
Amateur Radio Day Amateur Radio Day Hobbies & ActivitiesScience & Technology
Pet Owners Independence Day Pet Owners Independence Day Animals
Lineman Appreciation Day Lineman Appreciation Day Jobs & Professions
World Heritage Day World Heritage Day Countries & Cultures
April 19 Saturday
National Garlic Day National Garlic Day Food & BeverageFood
April 13 Sunday
National Library Week National Library Week Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesBooks
April 19 Saturday
Rice Ball Day Rice Ball Day
Amaretto Day Amaretto Day
Garlic Day Garlic Day Food & Drink
Poetry And The Creative Mind Day Poetry And The Creative Mind Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
Bicycle Day Bicycle Day BikesTransport
Hanging Out Day Hanging Out Day Hobbies & Activities
April 20 Sunday
Chinese Language Day Chinese Language Day EducationChinese foodCultural Holidays
National Look-Alike Day National Look-Alike Day Special InterestActivities
April 21 Monday
Stationery Week Stationery Week
April 20 Sunday
Volunteer Recognition Day Volunteer Recognition Day Charity
April 21 Monday
National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day AnimalDogPet
National Kindergarten Day National Kindergarten Day EducationChildrenParents
Tiradentes Day Tiradentes Day CulturalHistorical
American Red Cross Giving Day American Red Cross Giving Day
Kindergarten Day Kindergarten Day Children
Chocolate Covered Cashews Day Chocolate Covered Cashews Day
Library Workers Day Library Workers Day
Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day AnimalsDogs
Tea Day Tea Day Food & DrinkTea
World Creativity and Innovation Day World Creativity and Innovation Day
Banana Day Banana Day Food & DrinkFruit
April 22 Tuesday
Administrative Professionals Day Administrative Professionals Day CareerCareersWorkWorkplace
Earth Day Earth Day CauseAwarenessEnvironment
National Jelly Bean Day National Jelly Bean Day Food & BeverageCandyFood
Bookmobile Day Bookmobile Day
World Stationery Day World Stationery Day Items & ThingsStationery
Jelly Bean Day Jelly Bean Day
Love Your Thighs Day Love Your Thighs Day
April 23 Wednesday
National Picnic Day National Picnic Day Special InterestActivitiesBeverageFoodFriendship
St. George's Day St. George's Day FederalBritishHistorical
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day FamilyActivitiesChildren
World Book Day World Book Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesBooksEducational
English Language Day English Language Day Items & ThingsLanguage
Lost Dog Awareness Day Lost Dog Awareness Day Animals
World Book Night World Book Night Books & LiteratureItems & Things
German Beer Day German Beer Day BeerFood & Drink
Thank you Thursday Thank you Thursday
Talk Like Shakespeare Day Talk Like Shakespeare Day Famous PeopleLanguagePeople & Relationships
April 24 Thursday
National Arbor Day National Arbor Day EnvironmentalEducationalEnvironment
National Pigs in a Blanket Day National Pigs in a Blanket Day Food & BeverageActivitiesCookingFood
Pig In A Blanket Day Pig In A Blanket Day Food & DrinkMeatPigs
Teach Your Children to Save Day Teach Your Children to Save Day
Firefly Day Firefly Day Famous PeopleSilly & Humorous
Hairball Awareness Day Hairball Awareness Day Animals
April 25 Friday
Anzac Day Anzac Day InternationalHistoricalMilitary
National DNA Day National DNA Day HealthCareersScienceTechnology
​National Drug Take Back Day ​National Drug Take Back Day Health
National Hairstylist Appreciation Day National Hairstylist Appreciation Day CareerCareersHealth & Beauty
National Hug a Plumber Day National Hug a Plumber Day CareerFriendshipWork
National Telephone Day National Telephone Day Special InterestTechnology
World Malaria Day World Malaria Day HealthChildrenFamily
Hug A Plumber Day Hug A Plumber Day Jobs & ProfessionsPlumbers
Financial Independence Awareness Day Financial Independence Awareness Day
Malaria Day Malaria Day Body & HealthLife & Living
World Penguin Day World Penguin Day AnimalsPenguins
Veterinary Day Veterinary Day Jobs & ProfessionsVets
International Marconi Day International Marconi Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Go Birding Day Go Birding Day BirdsHobbies & Activities
Save The Frogs Day Save The Frogs Day AnimalsFrogs
Sense Of Smell Day Sense Of Smell Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Independent Bookstore Day Independent Bookstore Day
April 26 Saturday
National Pretzel Day National Pretzel Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
Alien Day Alien Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMovies
Help A Horse Day Help A Horse Day AnimalsHorses
Richter Scale Day Richter Scale Day Nature & Environment
Get Organized Day Get Organized Day Items & ThingsStationery
International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day
April 20 Sunday
Go Diaper Free Week Go Diaper Free Week Body & HealthItems & ThingsLife & Living
April 26 Saturday
Pretzel Day Pretzel Day Food & Drink
Hug an Australian Day Hug an Australian Day AustraliaJobs & Professions
Pinhole Photography Day Pinhole Photography Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
April 27 Sunday
National Prime Rib Day National Prime Rib Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
Marine Mammal Rescue Day Marine Mammal Rescue Day
Prime Rib Day Prime Rib Day Food & DrinkMeat
World Tapir Day World Tapir Day Animals
Morse Code Day Morse Code Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Tell a Story Day Tell a Story Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
April 28 Monday
National Superhero Day National Superhero Day Arts & EntertainmentPop Culture
Workers’ Memorial Day Workers’ Memorial Day Jobs & Professions
Blueberry Pie Day Blueberry Pie Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
Cubicle Day Cubicle Day Jobs & Professions
Biological Clock Day Biological Clock Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Shrimp Scampi Day Shrimp Scampi Day
Clean Comedy Day Clean Comedy Day Jobs & Professions
Superhero Day Superhero Day GrandparentMenPeople & RelationshipsWomen
Pay it Forward Day Pay it Forward Day People & Relationships
April 29 Tuesday
International Dance Day International Dance Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesFun
International Guide Dog Day International Guide Dog Day AnimalAwarenessDogPet
National Shrimp Scampi Day National Shrimp Scampi Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
Zipper Day Zipper Day ClothingItems & Things
We Jump The World Day We Jump The World Day Hobbies & Activities
Stop Food Waste Day Stop Food Waste Day
World Wish Day World Wish Day Hobbies & Activities
Guide Dogs Day Guide Dogs Day Life & Living
April 30 Wednesday
International Jazz Day International Jazz Day Arts & EntertainmentFunCulturalMusic
Honesty Day Honesty Day RelationshipFriendshipLifestyle
National Raisin Day National Raisin Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
National Bubble Tea Day National Bubble Tea Day Beveragetea
Poem in Your Pocket Day Poem in Your Pocket Day
Oatmeal Cookie Day Oatmeal Cookie Day CookiesFood & Drink