May Holidays & National Days 2022

We Love May Holidays & National Days! Here are calendar of total 270 holidays and national days in May 2022. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
May 1 Monday
Arthritis Awareness Month Arthritis Awareness Month HealthDiseasesElderly
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month CauseCulturalHistorical
Celiac Disease Awareness Month Celiac Disease Awareness Month HealthDiseasesLifestyle
Food Allergy Action Month Food Allergy Action Month HealthAllergiesCookingFood
Melanoma / Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month Melanoma / Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month HealthDiseasesLifestyle
Military Appreciation Month Military Appreciation Month FederalMilitary
National Barbecue Month National Barbecue Month Food & BeverageCookingParty
National Blood Pressure Month National Blood Pressure Month HealthDiseasesLifestyle
National Egg Month National Egg Month Food & BeverageBreakfastFoodHealth
National Hamburger Month National Hamburger Month Food & BeverageAmerican foodCulturalMeat
National Inventors Month National Inventors Month Special InterestActivitiesTechnology
National Lyme Disease Awareness Month National Lyme Disease Awareness Month HealthDiseases
National Mediterranean Diet Month National Mediterranean Diet Month CulturalFood & BeverageHealthHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Salad Month National Salad Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Salsa Month National Salsa Month CulturalFood & BeverageFoodSpicy Food
National Teen Self-Esteem Month National Teen Self-Esteem Month CauseHealthLoveMental Health
National Strawberry Month National Strawberry Month Food & BeverageFruitHealthy Food
Asian Pacific Heritage Month Asian Pacific Heritage Month
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month Body & Health
Lupus Awareness Month Lupus Awareness Month
Deck Safety Month Deck Safety Month Life & LivingSafety
Bike Month Bike Month Hobbies & ActivitiesSport & Fitness
Lyme Disease Awareness Month Lyme Disease Awareness Month Body & HealthLife & Living
Get Caught Reading Month Get Caught Reading Month Hobbies & ActivitiesReading & Writing
Hamburger Month Hamburger Month Food & Drink
Photo Month Photo Month Hobbies & Activities
Barbecue Month Barbecue Month Food & Drink
Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month
Golf Month Golf Month Hobbies & ActivitiesSport & Fitness
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month Body & HealthHealthcare
Purebred Dog Day Purebred Dog Day AnimalsDogs
Mother Goose Day Mother Goose Day AnimalsItems & Things
School Principals’ Day School Principals’ Day Jobs & ProfessionsTeachers
Tuba Day Tuba Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
No Pants Day No Pants Day ClothingHobbies & Activities
New Home Owners Day New Home Owners Day People & Relationships
Executive Coaching Day Executive Coaching Day Jobs & Professions
School Bus Drivers Day School Bus Drivers Day Jobs & Professions
International Workers’ Day International Workers’ Day Government & LegalJobs & Professions
Space Day Space Day
Lei Day Lei Day Hobbies & Activities
Global Love Day Global Love Day ChildrenFamilyMenParentsPeople & RelationshipsWomen
Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day
May 5 Friday
National Pet Week National Pet Week AnimalFamilyBirdCatDogPetReptile
May 1 Monday
International Harry Potter Day International Harry Potter Day BooksReading
May Day May Day FederalChristianCivicHistoricalPagan
May 2 Tuesday
Free Comic Book Day Free Comic Book Day Arts & EntertainmentChildrenLifestyleSuperhero
National Brothers and Sisters Day National Brothers and Sisters Day RelationshipChildrenFamily
Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day
International Astronomy Day International Astronomy Day
Naked Gardening Day Naked Gardening Day GardeningHobbies & Activities
Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Wildfire Community Preparedness Day
Join Hands Day Join Hands Day Hobbies & Activities
Baby Day Baby Day ChildrenPeople & Relationships
May 3 Wednesday
Two Different Colored Shoes Day Two Different Colored Shoes Day Clothing
World Laughter Day World Laughter Day MenPeople & RelationshipsWomen
Paranormal Day Paranormal Day Fantasy & MagicHobbies & Activities
Lumpy Rug Day Lumpy Rug Day Hobbies & Activities
Garden Meditation Day Garden Meditation Day Hobbies & Activities
Lemonade Day Lemonade Day Food & Drink
National Paranormal Day National Paranormal Day Special InterestActivitiesObscureWeird National
April 30 Sunday
Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher Appreciation Week AppreciationLoveteachers
May 4 Thursday
Star Wars Day Star Wars Day Arts & EntertainmentMoviesPop Culture
May 1 Monday
Lawyer Well-Being Week Lawyer Well-Being Week
May 4 Thursday
Renewal Day Renewal Day
Candied Orange Peel Day Candied Orange Peel Day
K.I.N.D Day K.I.N.D Day Body & HealthHelping OthersItems & ThingsLife & Living
Petite And Proud Day Petite And Proud Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Firefighters’ Day Firefighters’ Day Jobs & Professions
May 5 Friday
Revenge of the Fifth Revenge of the Fifth Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsToys & Games
Teacher Appreciation Day Teacher Appreciation Day Jobs & ProfessionsTeachers
Asthma Day Asthma Day Body & HealthLife & Living
International Midwives’ Day International Midwives’ Day HealthcareJobs & Professions
Poem on Your Pillow Day Poem on Your Pillow Day Hobbies & ActivitiesPoetryReading & Writing
Cartoonists’ Day Cartoonists’ Day Jobs & Professions
Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
Hoagie Day Hoagie Day
Nail Day Nail Day Body & HealthItems & ThingsMakeup
Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo CulturalCultural HolidaysHistoricalMexican
National Hoagie Day National Hoagie Day Food & BeverageFoodItalian Food
National Teacher Day National Teacher Day Special InterestCareersCiviceducation
May 6 Saturday
International No Diet Day International No Diet Day Food & BeverageFoodLifestyleMental Health
National Beverage Day National Beverage Day BeverageDrinking
National Nurses Day National Nurses Day Special InterestCareersCivic
National Tourist Appreciation Day National Tourist Appreciation Day Special InterestActivitiesInternationalTravel
May 3 Wednesday
National Nurses Week National Nurses Week CareerCareersHealth
May 6 Saturday
No Homework Day No Homework Day ChildrenHobbies & Activities
Golf Day Golf Day
Beverage Day Beverage Day Food & Drink
School Nurse Day School Nurse Day HealthcareJobs & Professions
May 3 Wednesday
Nurse’s Week Nurse’s Week
May 6 Saturday
No Diet Day No Diet Day DietingFood & Drink
May 7 Sunday
Password Day Password Day
Roast Leg of Lamb Day Roast Leg of Lamb Day Food & DrinkMeat
Cosmopolitan Day Cosmopolitan Day
Love’s Baby Soft Day Love’s Baby Soft Day AccessoriesItems & Things
National Day of Prayer National Day of Prayer ReligiousBuddhistChristianCulturalIslamicJewish
National Tourism Day National Tourism Day Special InterestActivitiesInternationalTravel
Vesak Vesak ReligiousBuddhistInternational
World Password Day World Password Day Special InterestInternetTechnology
May 8 Monday
National Have a Coke Day National Have a Coke Day Special InterestBeverageBrandFun
Iris Day Iris Day Nature & EnvironmentPlants & Flowers
Free Trade Day Free Trade Day EconomyGovernment & Legal
Public Gardens Day Public Gardens Day GardeningHobbies & Activities
Military Spouse Appreciation Day Military Spouse Appreciation Day
Ovarian Cancer Day Ovarian Cancer Day
No Socks Day No Socks Day ClothingHobbies & Activities
World Donkey Day World Donkey Day Animals
May 9 Tuesday
Lost Sock Memorial Day Lost Sock Memorial Day ClothingItems & Things
Windmill Day Windmill Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
Train Day Train Day TrainsTransport
Buckfast Day Buckfast Day
Bellydance Day Bellydance Day People & Relationships
Moscato Day Moscato Day Food & DrinkWine
National Moscato Day National Moscato Day Food & BeverageBeverageLiquor
World Migratory Bird Day World Migratory Bird Day CauseEnvironmentWildlife
May 7 Sunday
National Women's Health Week National Women's Health Week HealthLifestyleWomens Health
May 10 Wednesday
World Lupus Day World Lupus Day Charity
One Day Without Shoes Day One Day Without Shoes Day
Mother's Day Mother's Day RelationshipExtended FamilyFamilyLove
National Clean Your Room Day National Clean Your Room Day Special InterestActivitiesCleaningOrganization
National Shrimp Day National Shrimp Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
Stay Up All Night Night Stay Up All Night Night Hobbies & Activities
Mother Ocean Day Mother Ocean Day Nature & EnvironmentOcean Water
May 11 Thursday
Eat What You Want Day Eat What You Want Day Food & Drink
Accounting Day Accounting Day AccountantsJobs & Professions
Twilight Zone Day Twilight Zone Day Fantasy & MagicHobbies & Activities
World Ego Awareness Day World Ego Awareness Day Body & HealthLife & Living
National Eat What You Want Day National Eat What You Want Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodFun
May 12 Friday
National Limerick Day National Limerick Day Special InterestActivitiesFunFunny
Odometer Day Odometer Day Items & Things
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Fibromyalgia Awareness Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Nutty Fudge Day Nutty Fudge Day Food & Drink
International Nurses Day International Nurses Day HealthcareJobs & Professions
Limerick Day Limerick Day Hobbies & ActivitiesPoetry
May 13 Saturday
Leprechaun Day Leprechaun Day Countries & Cultures
Top Gun Day Top Gun Day Hobbies & Activities
Numeracy Day Numeracy Day
Receptionists’ Day Receptionists’ Day Jobs & ProfessionsReceptionists
Root Canal Appreciation Day Root Canal Appreciation Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Donate A Day’s Wages To Charity Day Donate A Day’s Wages To Charity Day CharityHobbies & Activities
Third Shift Workers’ Day Third Shift Workers’ Day Jobs & Professions
World Cocktail Day World Cocktail Day
Apple Pie Day Apple Pie Day
Frog Jumping Day Frog Jumping Day AnimalsFrogs
Fair Trade Day Fair Trade Day InternationalSpecial InterestConsumer AwarenessFarmingGlobalGlobal FocusShoppingSocial ChangeSustainability
International Hummus Day International Hummus Day Food & BeverageInternationalFoodHealthy FoodMediterranean FoodVegetable
National Apple Pie Day National Apple Pie Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
National Fruit Cocktail Day National Fruit Cocktail Day Food & BeverageFoodFruitHealthHealthy Food
National Receptionists Day National Receptionists Day Special InterestCareersWorkplace
May 14 Sunday
National Buttermilk Biscuit Day National Buttermilk Biscuit Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBakingFood
Chicken Dance Day Chicken Dance Day Hobbies & Activities
May 15 Monday
Chocolate Chip Day Chocolate Chip Day ChocolateFood & Drink
Straw Hat Day Straw Hat Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Bike To Work Day Bike To Work Day BikesTransport
Shades Day Shades Day
Virtual Assistants Day Virtual Assistants Day AdministratorsJobs & ProfessionsScience & Technology
Pizza Party Day Pizza Party Day Food & Drink
Endangered Species Day Endangered Species Day Animals
International Day of Families International Day of Families RelationshipExtended FamilyFamilyInternational
National Chocolate Chip Day National Chocolate Chip Day Food & BeverageChocolateFood
National Endangered Species Day National Endangered Species Day CauseConservationEnvironmentWildlife
National Pizza Party Day National Pizza Party Day Food & BeverageActivitiesFoodFunPizza
Nylon Stockings Day Nylon Stockings Day ClothingItems & Things
Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day ChildrenHealthcarePeople & Relationships
World Facilities Management Day World Facilities Management Day
Bring Flowers To Someone Day Bring Flowers To Someone Day
May 16 Tuesday
World Fish Migration Day World Fish Migration Day
Waiters Day Waiters Day
Horse Rescue Day Horse Rescue Day AnimalsHorses
Biographers Day Biographers Day Hobbies & ActivitiesReading & Writing
National Armed Forces Day National Armed Forces Day CareerAmericanCivicHistoricalInternationalMilitary
National Mimosa Day National Mimosa Day Food & BeverageBeverageFruitLifestyleLiquor
National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day LGBTQLoverespect
World Whisky Day World Whisky Day
World Fiddle Day World Fiddle Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
Plant a Lemon Tree Day Plant a Lemon Tree Day Food & DrinkGardeningHobbies & Activities
Learn To Swim Day Learn To Swim Day Hobbies & ActivitiesSwimming
Sea Monkey Day Sea Monkey Day AnimalsFish
Drawing Day Drawing Day Art & DrawingHobbies & Activities
May 17 Wednesday
Pinot Grigio Day Pinot Grigio Day Food & DrinkWine
Work From Home Day Work From Home Day Jobs & Professions
World Telecommunications Day World Telecommunications Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
National Walnut Day National Walnut Day Food & BeverageFoodHealthy FoodNuts
May 14 Sunday
National EMS Week National EMS Week CareerCareersHealth
May 17 Wednesday
World Baking Day World Baking Day CookiesDessertFood & Drink
May 14 Sunday
International Heritage Breeds Week International Heritage Breeds Week
May 17 Wednesday
Pack Rat Day Pack Rat Day Attitudes & EmotionsItems & ThingsLife & Living
World Hypertension Day World Hypertension Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day Body & HealthLife & Living
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
May 18 Thursday
No Dirty Dishes Day No Dirty Dishes Day CleaningHobbies & ActivitiesRelaxation
Museum Day Museum Day Architecture & BuildingsArt & DrawingItems & Things
National No Dirty Dishes Day National No Dirty Dishes Day Special InterestActivitiesCleaningFamilyOrganization
Visit Your Relatives Day Visit Your Relatives Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
May 19 Friday
National Devil's Food Cake Day National Devil's Food Cake Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
May Ray Day May Ray Day Nature & Environment
May 20 Saturday
Be a Millionaire Day Be a Millionaire Day Hobbies & Activities
World Bee Day World Bee Day
Weights & Measures Day Weights & Measures Day Items & ThingsMathematics
Quiche Lorraine Day Quiche Lorraine Day CheeseFood & DrinkMeatPastry
Clinical Trials Day Clinical Trials Day Body & HealthHealthcareJobs & Professions
National Be a Millionaire Day National Be a Millionaire Day Special InterestActivitiesCareersFunLifestyle
Pick Strawberries Day Pick Strawberries Day Food & DrinkFruit
May 21 Sunday
I Need A Patch For That Day I Need A Patch For That Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Memo Day Memo Day Items & ThingsStationery
Global Accessibility Awareness Day Global Accessibility Awareness Day
Notebook Day Notebook Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsPlanning & OrganizingStationery
National Waitstaff Day National Waitstaff Day CareerCareersFood
National Talk Like Yoda Day National Talk Like Yoda Day Arts & EntertainmentMovie
Rapture Party Day Rapture Party Day Hobbies & Activities
Waitstaff Day Waitstaff Day Jobs & ProfessionsWaiters
May 22 Monday
Maritime Day Maritime Day Items & Things
Harvey Milk Day Harvey Milk Day FederalCivicCivil RightsHistoricalLGBTQ
International Day for Biological Diversity International Day for Biological Diversity CauseConservationEnvironmentInternationalScienceUN
National Maritime Day National Maritime Day FederalCivicHistoricalMilitary
Don’t Fry Day Don’t Fry Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Sherlock Holmes Day Sherlock Holmes Day Books & LiteratureHistorical InterestPeople & Relationships
Goth Day Goth Day Hobbies & Activities
May 23 Tuesday
Turtle Day Turtle Day AnimalsTurtles
Lucky Penny Day Lucky Penny Day Money & Finance
National Taffy Day National Taffy Day Food & BeverageCandyDessertFoodFun
Title Track Day Title Track Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
May 24 Wednesday
Tiara Day Tiara Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Escargot Day Escargot Day AnimalsSnails
Aviation Maintenance Technician Day Aviation Maintenance Technician Day Aviation
Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis 500 SportsCarsFestivities
National Brother's Day National Brother's Day RelationshipExtended FamilyFamilyLove
National Scavenger Hunt Day National Scavenger Hunt Day Special InterestActivitiesFun
Brother’s Day Brother’s Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
May 25 Thursday
Wine Day Wine Day AlcoholFood & DrinkWine
Geek Pride Day Geek Pride Day Hobbies & Activities
Tap Dance Day Tap Dance Day DanceHobbies & Activities
Memorial Day Memorial Day FederalFamilyHistoricalMilitarySummer
National Wine Day National Wine Day Food & BeverageBeverageWine
Towel Day Towel Day Arts & EntertainmentBooksPop Culture
May 22 Monday
Italian Beef Week Italian Beef Week
Map Reading Week Map Reading Week
May 26 Friday
World Lindy Hop Day World Lindy Hop Day DanceHobbies & Activities
National Paper Airplane Day National Paper Airplane Day Special InterestActivitiesFunHobbies
Blueberry Cheesecake Day Blueberry Cheesecake Day DessertFood & Drink
Paper Airplane Day Paper Airplane Day Hobbies & ActivitiesToys & Games
Dracula Day Dracula Day Famous PeopleFantasy & Magic
May 27 Saturday
Senior Health & Fitness Day Senior Health & Fitness Day Body & HealthLife & LivingSport & Fitness
World Product Day World Product Day
Sun Screen Day Sun Screen Day Items & Things
Cellophane Tape Day Cellophane Tape Day Items & ThingsStationery
May 28 Sunday
Hamburger Day Hamburger Day BreadFood & DrinkMeat
National Brisket Day National Brisket Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBBQFoodMeat
National Hamburger Day National Hamburger Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodComfort FoodFast FoodFoodMeat
National Sunscreen Day National Sunscreen Day HealthActivitiesSummer
Shavuot Shavuot RelationshipCulturalJewish
Menstrual Hygiene Day Menstrual Hygiene Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Brisket Day Brisket Day Food & DrinkMeat
Amnesty International Day Amnesty International Day CharityHobbies & Activities
May 29 Monday
Paper Clip Day Paper Clip Day Items & ThingsStationery
Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day Hobbies & Activities
Biscuit Day Biscuit Day Food & Drink
Learn About Composting Day Learn About Composting Day CauseActivitiesConservationEducationalEnvironment
May 30 Tuesday
National Mint Julep Day National Mint Julep Day Food & BeverageBeverageCocktailsLiquor
Loomis Day Loomis Day Famous PeoplePeople & Relationships
Mint Julep Day Mint Julep Day Food & Drink
Water a Flower Day Water a Flower Day GardeningHobbies & Activities
May 31 Wednesday
No Tobacco Day No Tobacco Day Body & HealthHobbies & Activities
Save Your Hearing Day Save Your Hearing Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Macaroon Day Macaroon Day Food & Drink
World Meditation Day World Meditation Day Body & HealthLife & LivingPeople & Relationships
Web Designer Day Web Designer Day Jobs & ProfessionsScience & Technology
National Macaroon Day National Macaroon Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
World No Tobacco Day World No Tobacco Day HealthDiseasesGlobalInternational