February Holidays & National Days 2023

We Love February Holidays & National Days! Here are calendar of total 249 holidays and national days in February 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
February 1 Thursday
American Heart Month American Heart Month HealthEducationalElderly
Black History Month Black History Month CulturalActivitiesEducationalHistorical
Canned Food Month Canned Food Month CauseFood & BeverageFood
Dog Training Education Month Dog Training Education Month AnimalActivitiesDogEducationalPet
Great American Pie Month Great American Pie Month Food & BeverageDessertFood
National Bake For Family Fun Month National Bake For Family Fun Month FamilyFood & BeverageActivitiesCookingFood
National Bird Feeding Month National Bird Feeding Month CauseBirdFoodPetWildlife
National Cat Health Month National Cat Health Month AnimalCatPetPet Health
National Cherry Month National Cherry Month Food & BeverageFoodFruit
National Children’s Dental Health Month National Children’s Dental Health Month HealthChildrenFamily
National Embroidery Month National Embroidery Month Special InterestActivitiesFashion
National Grapefruit Month National Grapefruit Month Food & BeverageFoodHealthy Food
National Hot Breakfast Month National Hot Breakfast Month Food & BeverageCookingFood
National Macadamia Nut Month National Macadamia Nut Month Food & BeverageFood
National Snack Food Month National Snack Food Month Food & BeverageFast FoodFoodSweet Food
Pet Dental Health Month Pet Dental Health Month AnimalCatDogPet Health
Responsible Pet Owners Month Responsible Pet Owners Month AnimalCatDogPet
Library Lovers’ Month Library Lovers’ Month Hobbies & ActivitiesReading & Writing
Hot Breakfast Month Hot Breakfast Month BreadEggsFood & DrinkMeat
Bird-Feeding Month Bird-Feeding Month AnimalsBirds
Bake For Family Fun Month Bake For Family Fun Month BakingFood & Drink
Cherry Month Cherry Month Food & DrinkFudge
North American Inclusion Month North American Inclusion Month AmericaCountries & Cultures
Vegan Cuisine Month Vegan Cuisine Month Food & DrinkVegetableVegetarian & Vegan
National Dark Chocolate Day National Dark Chocolate Day Food & BeverageChocolateNational Food Holidays
National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
National Freedom Day National Freedom Day FederalHistorical
National Get Up Day National Get Up Day CauseActivitiesLifestyle
World Read Aloud Day World Read Aloud Day ChildrenFamilyParentsPeople & Relationships
Car Insurance Day Car Insurance Day Items & ThingsServices
Decorating With Candy Day Decorating With Candy Day Food & DrinkSweets
Baked Alaska Day Baked Alaska Day DessertFood & Drink
Ice Cream For Breakfast Day Ice Cream For Breakfast Day
Serpent Day Serpent Day AnimalsSnakes
February 2 Friday
Candlemas Day Candlemas Day ReligiousChristian
Groundhog Day Groundhog Day Special InterestActivitiesWildlife
National Hedgehog Day National Hedgehog Day AnimalWildlife
National Tater Tot Day National Tater Tot Day Food & BeverageFast Food
National Ukulele Day National Ukulele Day Arts & EntertainmentActivitiesMusic
Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl Sunday Special InterestSports
January 28 Sunday
Boy Scout Anniversary Week Boy Scout Anniversary Week
Burn Awareness Week Burn Awareness Week
Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week Body & HealthHealthcare
February 2 Friday
Marmot Day Marmot Day Animals
Sled Dog Day Sled Dog Day AnimalsDogs
World Wetlands Day World Wetlands Day Nature & Environment
Lung Leavin’ Day Lung Leavin’ Day Body & HealthHealthcareLife & Living
Tater Tot Day Tater Tot Day Food & Drink
Hedgehog Day Hedgehog Day AnimalsHedgehogs
Crepe Day Crepe Day Food & Drink
World Play Your Ukulele Day World Play Your Ukulele Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
February 3 Saturday
Doggy Date Night Doggy Date Night AnimalDogFunjoyLovePet
National Carrot Cake Day National Carrot Cake Day Food & BeverageDessertHealthy Food
National Golden Retriever Day National Golden Retriever Day AnimalDogPet
National Women Physicians Day National Women Physicians Day CareerHealthWork
January 29 Monday
Intimate Apparel Market Week Intimate Apparel Market Week
Networking Week Networking Week
Freelance Writers Appreciation Week Freelance Writers Appreciation Week
Jell-O Week Jell-O Week
Cardiac Rehabilitation Week Cardiac Rehabilitation Week
Condom Week Condom Week
Secondhand Wardrobe Week Secondhand Wardrobe Week
Children of Alcoholics Week Children of Alcoholics Week AlcoholChildrenHealthcare
February 3 Saturday
Golden Retriever Day Golden Retriever Day
February 4 Sunday
National Thank a Mail Carrier Day National Thank a Mail Carrier Day Appreciation
World Cancer Day World Cancer Day CauseEducationalHealth
Sweater Day Sweater Day ClothingItems & Things
Thank A Letter Carrier Day Thank A Letter Carrier Day Hobbies & Activities
Homemade Soup Day Homemade Soup Day Food & DrinkSoup
Stuffed Mushroom Day Stuffed Mushroom Day Food & DrinkMushroom
February 5 Monday
Give Kids A Smile Give Kids A Smile HealthChildrenParents
National Chocolate Fondue Day National Chocolate Fondue Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFood
National Shower with a Friend Day National Shower with a Friend Day RelationshipFunnyRomance
National Signing Day National Signing Day Special InterestSports
National Weatherperson's Day National Weatherperson's Day CareerCareersTechnology
World Nutella Day World Nutella Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertNutsPop Culture
Chocolate Fondue Day Chocolate Fondue Day ChocolateFood & Drink
Western Monarch Day Western Monarch Day Animals
Weatherperson’s Day Weatherperson’s Day Jobs & Professions
Wear Red Day Wear Red Day
Working Naked Day Working Naked Day
February 6 Tuesday
Bob Marley's Birthday Bob Marley's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentMusicPop Culture
National Frozen Yogurt Day National Frozen Yogurt Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
Lame Duck Day Lame Duck Day Government & Legal
Frozen Yogurt Day Frozen Yogurt Day Food & Drink
Take Your Child To The Library Day Take Your Child To The Library Day
Lace Day Lace Day
February 7 Wednesday
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day HealthCultural
National Bubble Gum Day National Bubble Gum Day FunCandyChildrenFood
National Fettuccine Alfredo Day National Fettuccine Alfredo Day Food & BeverageFoodItalian Food
National Send a Card to a Friend Day National Send a Card to a Friend Day RelationshipActivitiesFriendship
National Wear Red Day National Wear Red Day HealthEducational
Ballet Day Ballet Day DanceHobbies & Activities
Send a Card to a Friend Day Send a Card to a Friend Day Items & ThingsPost & MailReading & Writing
Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors Day People & Relationships
Yorkshire Pudding Day Yorkshire Pudding Day Food & Drink
Dump Your Significant Jerk Day Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
February 8 Thursday
National Boy Scout Day National Boy Scout Day Special InterestActivities
National Kite-Flying Day National Kite-Flying Day FunChildrenFamilyParents
Great American Pizza Bake Great American Pizza Bake
Kite Flying Day Kite Flying Day Hobbies & ActivitiesSport & Fitness
Laugh And Get Rich Day Laugh And Get Rich Day Life & LivingPlanning & Organizing
Molasses Bar Day Molasses Bar Day Food & Drink
Opera Day Opera Day Hobbies & ActivitiesSinging
Clean Out Your Computer Day Clean Out Your Computer Day
February 9 Friday
National Pizza Day National Pizza Day Food & BeverageFood
National Toothache Day National Toothache Day Health
February 4 Sunday
Kraut and Frankfurter Week Kraut and Frankfurter Week
February 9 Friday
Toothache Day Toothache Day Body & HealthLife & Living
Read In The Bathtub Day Read In The Bathtub Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
Pizza Day Pizza Day
February 4 Sunday
Nest Box Week Nest Box Week
February 9 Friday
Extraterrestrial Culture Day Extraterrestrial Culture Day
February 10 Saturday
National Umbrella Day National Umbrella Day Arts & EntertainmentFashion
February 5 Monday
Feeding Tube Awareness Week Feeding Tube Awareness Week
Random Acts of Kindness Week Random Acts of Kindness Week
February 10 Saturday
Cream Cheese Brownie Day Cream Cheese Brownie Day Food & Drink
Plimsoll Day Plimsoll Day Items & Things
Umbrella Day Umbrella Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
February 11 Sunday
International Day of Women and Girls in Science International Day of Women and Girls in Science CauseCareersEducationalWomen
National Clean Out Your Computer Day National Clean Out Your Computer Day Special InterestTechnology
National Guitar Day National Guitar Day Arts & EntertainmentMusic
National Inventors' Day National Inventors' Day Special InterestCareers
National Make a Friend Day National Make a Friend Day RelationshipFriendship
Safer Internet Day Safer Internet Day Special InterestSafetyTechnology
Satisfied Staying Single Day Satisfied Staying Single Day People & Relationships
Pro Sports Wives Day Pro Sports Wives Day People & RelationshipsWomen
Peppermint Patty Day Peppermint Patty Day Food & DrinkSweets
White Shirt Day White Shirt Day ClothingItems & Things
Make a Friend Day Make a Friend Day People & Relationships
Get Out Your Guitar Day Get Out Your Guitar Day Hobbies & ActivitiesMusic
Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day CoffeeFood & Drink
Fat Thursday Fat Thursday
February 12 Monday
Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Abraham Lincoln's Birthday FederalBirthdayHistorical
National Plum Pudding Day National Plum Pudding Day Food & BeverageBritish foodDessert
Plum Pudding Day Plum Pudding Day BakingCakeFood & Drink
Lost Penny Day Lost Penny Day Life & LivingPeople & Relationships
Darwin Day Darwin Day Famous PeoplePeople & Relationships
No One Eats Alone Day No One Eats Alone Day Food & DrinkPeople & Relationships
February 13 Tuesday
Galentine's Day Galentine's Day RelationshipActivitiesFriendshipPop CultureTV
National Tortellini Day National Tortellini Day Food & BeverageCookingFoodItalian Food
World Radio Day World Radio Day Special InterestTechnology
Employee Legal Awareness Day Employee Legal Awareness Day Jobs & Professions
Get A Different Name Day Get A Different Name Day NamesPeople & Relationships
Madly In Love With Me Day Madly In Love With Me Day Jobs & Professions
Tortellini Day Tortellini Day Food & Drink
Radio Day Radio Day Science & Technology
February 14 Wednesday
National Donor Day National Donor Day Health
Valentine's Day Valentine's Day RelationshipActivitiesFriendshipLove
Pet Theft Awareness Day Pet Theft Awareness Day Animals
Cream-Filled Chocolates Day Cream-Filled Chocolates Day ChocolateFood & Drink
Ferris Wheel Day Ferris Wheel Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
Marriage Day Marriage Day
Donor Day Donor Day Body & HealthCharityLife & Living
International Book Giving Day International Book Giving Day Hobbies & ActivitiesReading & Writing
February 15 Thursday
Singles Awareness Day Singles Awareness Day RelationshipActivitiesFriendship
Hippo Day Hippo Day Animals
World Whale Day World Whale Day
Gumdrop Day Gumdrop Day Food & DrinkSweets
February 16 Friday
National Almond Day National Almond Day Food & BeverageFood
Paczki Day Paczki Day DessertFood
February 11 Sunday
Take Your Family to School Week Take Your Family to School Week
February 16 Friday
Tim Tam Day Tim Tam Day ChocolateFood & DrinkSweets
Almond Day Almond Day Food & DrinkNuts
Do a Grouch a Favor Day Do a Grouch a Favor Day Hobbies & Activities
Innovation Day Innovation Day Hobbies & Activities
February 17 Saturday
Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday ReligiousChristian
Presidents Day Presidents Day FederalHistorical
Random Act of Kindness Day Random Act of Kindness Day Special InterestActivitiesFriendship
February 12 Monday
Invasive Species Awareness Week Invasive Species Awareness Week
February 17 Saturday
My Way Day My Way Day Hobbies & Activities
World Human Spirit Day World Human Spirit Day Life & Living
Random Acts Of Kindness Day Random Acts Of Kindness Day People & Relationships
February 18 Sunday
National Drink Wine Day National Drink Wine Day Food & BeverageBeverageWine
Battery Day Battery Day Items & Things
Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day CharityDessertFood & DrinkIce Cream
Pluto Day Pluto Day Items & Things
Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day
Drink Wine Day Drink Wine Day Food & DrinkWine
February 19 Monday
Tug of War Day Tug of War Day Special InterestActivities
Chocolate Mint Day Chocolate Mint Day ChocolateFood & Drink
International Tug-of-War Day International Tug-of-War Day Hobbies & Activities
February 20 Tuesday
National Love Your Pet Day National Love Your Pet Day AnimalLovePet
National Muffin Day National Muffin Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
Rihanna’s Birthday Rihanna’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentCelebrityMusicPop Culture
Handcuff Day Handcuff Day Items & Things
Muffin Day Muffin Day
Cherry Pie Day Cherry Pie Day DessertFood & Drink
Love Your Pet Day Love Your Pet Day Animals
Pangolin Day Pangolin Day
February 21 Wednesday
National Sticky Bun Day National Sticky Bun Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
International Mother Language Day International Mother Language Day Items & ThingsLanguage
Sticky Bun Day Sticky Bun Day Food & Drink
February 22 Thursday
National Margarita Day National Margarita Day Food & BeverageCocktailsLiquor
National Walking the Dog Day National Walking the Dog Day AnimalActivitiesDogPetPet Health
Margarita Day Margarita Day Food & DrinkSpirits & Liquers
Be Humble Day Be Humble Day Hobbies & Activities
Cook a Sweet Potato Day Cook a Sweet Potato Day Food & DrinkPotato
Fairtrade Fortnight Fairtrade Fortnight
Single Tasking Day Single Tasking Day Hobbies & ActivitiesJobs & Professions
World Thinking Day World Thinking Day Hobbies & Activities
World Yoga Day World Yoga Day Body & HealthCharityRelaxationSport & Fitness
Walking the Dog Day Walking the Dog Day AnimalsDogs
Play More Cards Day Play More Cards Day
February 23 Friday
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day AnimalDogFoodPet
National Dog Biscuit Day National Dog Biscuit Day AnimalDogFoodPet
February 18 Sunday
Cornish Pasty Week Cornish Pasty Week
February 23 Friday
Play Tennis Day Play Tennis Day Hobbies & ActivitiesSport & Fitness
Banana Bread Day Banana Bread Day BreadFood & DrinkFruit
Curling Is Cool Day Curling Is Cool Day Hobbies & ActivitiesSport & Fitness
February 24 Saturday
National Tortilla Chip Day National Tortilla Chip Day Food & BeverageFoodMexican food
World Bartender Day World Bartender Day BartendersJobs & Professions
Tortilla Chip Day Tortilla Chip Day Food & Drink
Pink Day Pink Day
Inconvenience Yourself Day Inconvenience Yourself Day
February 25 Sunday
Mardi Gras Mardi Gras CulturalActivitiesFestivitiesFoodFunHistorical
National Clam Chowder Day National Clam Chowder Day Food & BeverageCookingFood
Clam Chowder Day Clam Chowder Day Food & DrinkSoup
Toast Day Toast Day BreadFood & Drink
Chilli Day Chilli Day
February 26 Monday
National Pistachio Day National Pistachio Day Food & BeverageFood
Personal Chef Day Personal Chef Day ChefsFood & DrinkJobs & Professions
Tell A Fairy Tale Day Tell A Fairy Tale Day Books & LiteratureHobbies & Activities
Pistachio Day Pistachio Day Food & DrinkNuts
For Pete’s Sake Day For Pete’s Sake Day Hobbies & Activities
Levi Strauss Day Levi Strauss Day ClothingItems & Things
February 27 Tuesday
International Polar Bear Day International Polar Bear Day CauseEnvironmentWildlife
National Chili Day National Chili Day Food & BeverageFoodSpicy Food
National Pokemon Day National Pokemon Day Arts & EntertainmentFunPop Culture
National Protein day National Protein day Food & BeverageHealthHealthy FoodPasta
Kahlua Day Kahlua Day AlcoholFood & DrinkSpirits & Liquers
World NGO Day World NGO Day
Digital Learning Day Digital Learning Day
Polar Bear Day Polar Bear Day AnimalsBears
Pokémon Day Pokémon Day Hobbies & ActivitiesToys & Games
Strawberry Day Strawberry Day Food & DrinkFruit
Open That Bottle Night Open That Bottle Night
Sword Swallower’s Day Sword Swallower’s Day
February 28 Wednesday
National Chocolate Souffle Day National Chocolate Souffle Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFood
Rare Disease Day Rare Disease Day HealthScience
Work Your Proper Hours Day Work Your Proper Hours Day
Floral Design Day Floral Design Day Nature & EnvironmentPlants & Flowers
Scouse Day Scouse Day
Chocolate Soufflé Day Chocolate Soufflé Day ChocolateDessertFood & Drink
Tooth Fairy Day Tooth Fairy Day Fantasy & MagicHobbies & Activities
March 2 Saturday
Jewish Book Week Jewish Book Week
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