Alpaca Day

Alpaca Day - Tuesday, September 10, 2024

Alpacas are cute, fuzzy animals that have been part of agriculture for the longest time. These beautiful creatures have unique personalities, sensitive to their environments and are docile in nature. That’s why there’s a holiday dedicated to these lovely animals and it’s called Alpaca Day.

History of Alpaca Day

Since 2014, the Alpaca Owners Association founded the holiday to educate people about how lovable and soft Alpacas are and how they contribute to the global economy. The AOA started in that same year as a merge between the Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association, Inc. and the Alpaca Registry, Inc. These two associations began in the 1980’s with two different purposes when it came to the alpaca industry, one focusing on scientific research and the other focusing on showcasing and education. Once the merge happened, the AOA was able to serve the North American alpaca industry with concise unity and be able to represent all the facets of the industry.

Each year, the AOA hosts events all over the North American region with cooperation with farm members to educate people about the alpaca farm industry. Visitors that come to these farms get the opportunity to meet their alpacas and learn about their alpaca products. Each farm member hosts special activities that teach people and families about alpacas, such as how alpacas contribute to the environment and create a green industry of production that’s safer than most farms. As a nonprofit organization, the AOA hosts this holiday as a way for people to learn about alpaca livestock and how important they are to the environment and economy.

How to celebrate Alpaca Day

To celebrate Alpaca Day, one of the best ways to show your interest in alpacas is to visit a local farm near you that’s a member of the AOA. On this holiday, you’ll be able to pet alpacas, learn about your local farmers and see how alpaca fur is used in so many of today’s products.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #alpacaday to let your friends know what day it is. Share your love for alpacas with the world by posting a picture of yourself with alpacas, whether they’re a cute stuffed animal or the real thing.

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