Amaretto Day

Amaretto Day - Saturday, April 19, 2025

Amaretto is an Italian drink that revels in its almond flavor and bitter aftertaste. This drink can be used to create cocktails, delicious desserts, or be delightful on its own. With a long history and variety of uses, this liquor deserves a holiday of its own. Let’s learn about its history and celebrate Amaretto Day!

History of Amaretto Day

Amaretto, which means “little bitter” in Italian, is a liquor made with almonds, apricot pits, and peach pits, and is distilled from those fruits and nuts and then sweetened. Amaretto has a legend connected to it that goes back to the 14th century during the time of Rennaissance Italy. As the title states, in 1525, a Saronno church commissioned Bernardino Luini, a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, to paint its sanctuary. Luini has used one of the innkeepers as a reference for the depiction of Madonna for one of his frescos. Out of gratitude, she distilled apricot kernels into brandy and gave the drink to him as a gift. While the story may not be true, it is true that Saronno, Italy is famous for this kind of liquor and distributes this drink all over the world.

Amaretto Day lets you explore what you can do with amaretto. This kind of liquor is frequently used in desserts and is a complementary flavor to chocolate or coffee. For instance, authentic tiramisu is made with Italian amaretto as an enhancer to the coffee flavor present. It can also be used in savory dishes and is most often used as part of a cocktail recipe, such as an amaretto sour or a French connection.

How to celebrate Amaretto Day

What better way to celebrate this day than with a classic amaretto sour. To make one, take 4 oz of Amaretto, one tablespoon of squeezed lemon juice, one tablespoon of maple syrup, and add sparkling water and bitters. Then shake in a cocktail shaker, pour into a nice glass over ice. If you enjoy this recipe, then share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #amarettoday and let your friends know today’s a day to drink and have fun with all things amaretto.

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