Animal Pain Awareness Month

Animal Pain Awareness Month - September 2024

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Pain isn’t fun for any of us, and our furry friends are no exception. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. It helps educate and inform pet owners about animal discomfort. The goal is to help pet owners learn about their pets’ health and well-being when it comes to pain management, be it acute or chronic pain. This can greatly improve their quality of life.

Animal Pain Awareness Month timeline

​September 2015

Animal Pain Awareness Month Began

The first Animal Pain Awareness Month took place thanks to the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management. ​


IVAPM was formed​

The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management was established​.


Veterinary School​

The first veterinarian school was established in France. ​

14,000 BC

Dogs domesticated in Europe​

Humans first began domesticating dogs to be loving companions​.

5 Steps To A Pain-free Pet

  1. ​Keep an eye on behavior

    Most often, behavioral changes are the most obvious sign that your pet may be in some sort of distress. ​

  2. ​Use caution when your pet is in pain

    Even the most loving animal can lash out when in pain, so make sure to use caution if you suspect something is up with your pet. ​

  3. Pill popping isn't the only solution

    While your pet may need some sort of medication, there are other avenues such as acupuncture, laser therapy, physical therapy, and weight management. ​

  4. ​Your vet can always check for pain

    As part of a routine visit, your vet will check for any indications of discomfort. ​

  5. ​There are some easy ways to minimize pain

    ​As a pet parent, it's your responsibility to keep an eye on your pets' dental hygiene and weight. Proper nutrition and exercise go a long way.

How to Observe Animal Pain Awareness Month

  1. Discuss on social media

    Social media is an excellent way to communicate with friends, family, and even total strangers. Spread the word by giving it some attention.

  2. Schedule a vet appointment

    Has it been a while since you've brought your pet in for a check-up, or are you curious about a certain symptom? September is the perfect time. You may uncover some important information.

  3. Adopt a pet

    There are lots of animals living in shelters, just waiting for their forever homes. Ensure that a pet receives the loving, pain-free life they deserve by adopting a best buddy.

Why Animal Pain Awareness Month is Important

  1. It reminds us look out for subtle changes in our pets' behavior

    Unfortunately, they can't speak up to let us know when something is troubling them. That's why it's important to learn the signs.

  2. Proper pain management now helps reduce risks later

    It can save them from a serious illness or other irreversible issue.

  3. It highlights the need for having a great veterinarian

    It's important to establish a relationship with a veterinarian for annual check-ups. Should an issue arise, you'll know exactly whom to call.

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