National Pet Month

National Pet Month - April 2024

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Did you that about 80 million homes in America have an animal family member? And about half of those households have more than one? Say “Hello” to National Pet Month in April. What a great way to celebrate how important our pets are! They make our social media much more entertaining—just think of all the funny cat videos. 

National Pet Month timeline


The invention of the Labradoodle

The first Labradoodle (a mix between a lab and a poodle) was bred specifically to be hypoallergenic by an Australian named Wally Cochran.


First American “seeing-eye dog”

Morris Frank from Tennessee and his German Shepherd that he brought back from a trip to Switzerland introduced the concept of “seeing eye dog” to the USA.


Christopher Columbus bestows a royal gift

Upon returning to Spain, Christopher Columbus gifted Queen Isabella two South American parrots.

c. 170 AD

Furry court officials

Chinese Emperor Ling Ti appointed his pets as senior court officials, allowing them special luxuries and bodyguards.

c.7500 BC

The first evidence of cat domestication

A human and a feline companion are buried together on an island in the Mediterranean.

National Pet Month Activities

  1. Visit the zoo

    Take an opportunity to learn about exotic creatures and their similarities to your own critter. If you can’t be bothered to pay the fee; go on a walk to enjoy the local wildlife.

  2. Playing with your pet

    You are their whole world. After a year or so, they will not be able to remember a time without you in their lives. Setting aside an hour of your valuable time to entertain your pet is a small sacrifice for their happiness.

  3. Troll the Internet for Animal GIFs

    It will probably suck up hours of your life, but the cuteness is worth it. Trust us.

Why We Love National Pet Month

  1. It's socially acceptable bragging time

    Let’s be real: most of us are determined to prove to everyone that our pet is the best out of all the animals we know. During National Pet Month, people are at least resigned to this inevitability. Hopefully this makes us marginally less annoying when we wax poetic about the color of our bunny’s fur.

  2. Opportunities to meet animals and their people

    Since everyone is out and about bragging about their pets, it would come as no surprise to see more exotic animals like monkeys or parrots as well as dogs frequenting public parks and other pet-friendly venues. Meeting other animal-lovers or owners out and about is another perk.

  3. It’s a great excuse to spoil your pet

    Like you need one, but it’s still nice to have an excuse to buy your pet presents both of you can enjoy together. So get that adorable sweater for your cat to hate or even that collection of multi-colored tennis balls for your dog to destroy.

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