Ugliest Dog Day

Ugliest Dog Day - Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Ugliest Dog Day on June 20 celebrates the pups out there with a face only a mother could love. But when it comes to man’s best friend, is there really any dog that can’t be deemed adorable? We honor the facially challenged ones on June 20, Ugliest Dog Day. What started as a fun contest has grown into an annual celebration of the not-so-handsome dogs amongst us. So grab your favorite pup and give him an extra snuggle today and as you go about your day, say hi to every pup, pretty and not so pretty.

Ugliest Dog Day timeline


World’s Ugliest Dog is trademarked

A contest to name the world’s ugliest dog is held every June at the Sonoma-Marin Fair; in 2009 the Fair trademarked the phrase.


Documentary about ugly dogs produced

“Worst in Show” features the Sonoma-Marin Fair’s ugly dog contest.


Book documenting ugly dogs published

“World’s Ugliest Dogs” was published in honor of the 25th anniversary of the ugly dog contest.

Facts About Man's Best Friend

  1. Perpetual Toddler

    Your dog is as smart as a 2-year-old

  2. No Deodorant Necessary

    Dogs only have sweat glands in their paws

  3. What'd You Say?

    Puppies are born deaf; they start hearing around three weeks

  4. Screaming Color

    Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not colorblind

  5. Sweet Dreams

    According to a poll, about 45% of Americans sleep with their dogs

Ugliest Dog Day Activities

  1. Share dog images, ugly or not

    In the days leading up to Ugliest Dog Day, snap pictures of any and every dog you see. Put together a slide show of your neighborhood’s dogs, out and about, enjoying their doggie lives. Share on social media and invite friends to upload photos of their dogs too.

  2. Raise money for homeless pets

    At school or work, you can help dogs that don’t have the luxury of a loving home. Hold a fundraiser or collect pet supplies to donate to your local animal shelter. Also consider becoming a volunteer or dog foster parent. 

  3. Hold your own dog contest

    Ugly or adorable, celebrate the dog in your and your friends’ lives. Be it a dog fashion show, obstacle course race or best trick competition, use June 20 to have a pet party and show off the awesomeness of your dog.

Why We Love Ugliest Dog Day

  1. It celebrates what’s inside, not outside

    Dogs are loving, loyal creatures. They don’t care how their humans look, so why should we care about their perhaps less than perfect features?

  2. It brings awareness to homeless pets

    Unfortunately, dogs that may be considered not so cute often have a harder time being adopted. Remember your local pet shelter on Ugliest Dog Day with a donation of money or pet supplies.

  3. It’s a chance to brag about your fabulous dog

    Cute and cuddly or unappealing and smelly, dog owners aren’t bothered and truly believe their dog is the best ever. Show-off your dog and give Fido some extra loving today with a special day devoted just to the two of you.

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