Decorating Month

Decorating Month - April 2025

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Decorating can be a fun, exciting experience to take part in if you have an eye for fashion. Whether you prefer black and white, beachy vibes, or modern chic, the possibilities with decorating are endless.

However, with today’s age of work, who has the time for decorating? That’s why Decorating Month is here the change that. Decorating Month gives those interior designers the chance to show their skills and help others create beautiful homes.

History of Decorating Month

Decorating Month was founded by the Paint & Decorating Retailers Association. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting independent dealers in the paint & decorating retail industry. The PDRA provides tools for retailers to offer the best resources and advice for their customers.

They work hard giving them the resources to help beautifully design homes. The organization has had a few name changes during its time of conception. Now as the PDRA it keeps up with future designs and aids in interior designers through marketing, trade, and selling.

Decorating Month allows people to give their walls a fresh coat of paint, change the layout of their living room, and bring back life to their old furniture.

Throughout the month, people can hire interior designers to help decorate their home. People love bringing the ideal vision of their dream home to life right within their own space. Throughout the month people also explore new ideas through websites such as Pinterest to change up their lives and do some DIY crafts.

It’s a time for those with an eye for art and design to see what they can create for their homes. Decorating Month allows for those creative juices to flow and allows people to make their dream homes a reality.

How to Celebrate Decorating Month

Start a painting club. Painting can give you beautiful, handmade artwork that you can customize in your own home and allow your friends to do the same. Hire a decorator and get their opinion on how to change up the place. Watch some home improvement TV, paint your walls a different color, and shop around for new furniture or decorative pieces.

If you don’t have the money to shop, reorganize your rooms so that way it’s cleaner and more efficient to move around in. Help a friend buy new items for the house and make the time to help them organize and clean. Decorating Month is all about taking care of your home, so why not do it.

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