ASMR Day - Wednesday, April 9, 2025

ASMR has grown popular in most recent years due to its unique approach to relaxation and the almost unexplainable reactions that people get when they listen to ASMR videos. So, what’s ASMR? Why do people love it? What causes it? How did ASMR get started? ASMR Day is a day dedicated to helping people understand what ASMR is all about, why people love it, and how people can quickly get involved in the kinds of sensations that people like to hear.

History of ASMR Day

ASMR, according to the medical industry, is an experience generally described as a tingling, static sensation that gives off a sense of euphoria. In many cases, it can be described as a perceptual phenomenon and is triggered by exposure to certain sounds and visuals. ASMR is said to be able to help people personally as well as clinically. Many creators of ASMR create sensations that provide a sense of escapism to their videos, and when used clinically, it can help treat symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

ASMR Day began in 2012 through a conversation started by video creator KellyMSAutumnRed, who wanted to create a day to celebrate ASMR. Her alongside a few other creators then created International ASMR Day to inform and explain to people how ASMR can help others in many different ways. However, ASMR has been a surprising trend since 2007, when people on the SteadyHealth forum started discussing what ASMR is and how much people like it. The first to take up this trend was WhisperingLife, a YouTuber who helped bring ASMR to popularity. From there, the medical industry started publishing studies about ASMR, and it has become an activity that many people enjoy to relax and calm down.

How to celebrate ASMR Day

Want to understand what the craze is about ASMR? Check out YouTubers such as GentleWhispering, Ephemeral Rift, Amalzd, and CosmicTingles and see if you like their content. If you enjoy it, let others know about ASMR and the holiday through social media using the hashtag #ASMRDay and see if you can get other friends into ASMR. You can even try out your attempt at ASMR by getting a sensitive microphone and a video camera. Be creative if you want.

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