Melba Toast Day

Melba Toast Day - Sunday, March 23, 2025

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Melba toast is a wonderful little treat, light and crispy and just generally delicious to crunch down on. It can be had in so many different ways, smeared with butter, jam, or peanut butter. You can even have it with bits of cream cheese and fruit, and its light flavor just perfectly complements anything you put on it. Melba Toast Day celebrates this delightful little treat and all the things it can become with a little creativity.

History of Melba Toast Day

There’s actually an interesting story behind Melba Toast! Melba Toast was created to honor the amazing Dame Nellie Melba, it’s not even the only one that was named after her, and they were all created by the same fellow, French Chef Auguste Escoffier. Melba Toast was created because she truly loved toast, but couldn’t find anything thin enough to suit her palate, and so the chef rose up to the challenge and put it all together. The Chef was obviously enamored of the amazing Nellie Melba, and as a result she got some of the most delightful treats you could hope for.

You know what else Melba Toast goes good with? Peach Melba, another treat named after her. Peach Melba is a wonderfully sweet dessert made with peaches, raspberry sauce, and vanilla ice cream. The whole thing comes together to be just amazingly delicious, and the light crunch of Melba Toast is just the perfect way to add another dimension to its taste.

Melba Toast Day is here to remind us that even the most seemingly innocuous little thing, like a thin crunchy toast, could have a story behind it that’s bigger than we know. Sure, it’s just one chef’s adoration for his favorite singer, but who wouldn’t want to be immortalized? Even if it is in a food.

How to celebrate Melba Toast Day

Well, to begin with, go out and buy yourself a package of Melba Toast, and munch on it throughout the day. It really doesn’t need to have anything on it to be perfect, it’s pretty much that right out of the box! But if you want a little extra something with your Melba Toast, then go ahead and add that jelly to it, or smear it with your favorite topping. We suggest a bit of mozzarella and a bit of tomato, drizzled with olive oil, or even a smear of hummus.

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