Caves and Karst Day

Caves and Karst Day - Thursday, June 6, 2024

The National Caves Association organizes Caves and Karst Day to celebrate both of those things and raise awareness regarding what an important role they play in the wider environment and our lives too. There’s much to see and discover beneath the ground and so many people don’t fully understand that. Caves and Karst Day aims to rectify that and promote the exploration of accessible caves.

Caves and Karst Day is all about learning more about the diverse and resource-rich caves and karst that can be found in North America. They include large springs and many different minerals.  There are even species of animal that are only found below the surface of the Earth.

Taking the time to experience all of these things first-hand is what the National Caves Association believes more people should do, and Caves and Karst Day encourage that. It raises awareness and makes it clear to people that these caves are there to be safely explored.

Many people might not know the educational and awe-inspiring experiences that are so close to them, but Caves and Karst Day is changing that now. It’s yet another way to spend time in nature and learn what it has to offer.

History of Caves and Karst Day

Caves and Karst Day first started in 2017 and has played a huge part in promoting the exploration of caves in the United States, Bermuda and Barbados since then. In particular, there are 90 show caves that are focused on because these are safe, accessible and overseen by the National Caves Association.

Each year, people turn out on Caves and Karst Day and take the time to appreciate some of the most incredible natural sites that you’ll find in this part of the world. They might be hidden away but people quickly realize what they’ve been missing when they explore these caves for themselves

How to Celebrate Caves and Karst Day

Celebrating Caves and Karst Day is something that anyone can do and you need to make sure that you do what you can do get out there and make the most of that fact. Spending time in the caves is great for families because children love this kind of exploration and gives them time to learn a lot.

The caves offer many fun experiences and that’s something not everyone realizes. Cave tours can see underground rivers and even take kayak and boat tours on them. It’s the kind of experience that you and your family have probably never had before.

Depending on the time of year, there are also various kinds of wildlife that can be seen there, and that’s fantastic for families to experience together. When Caves and Karst Day arrives, you should celebrate it by exploring an NCA cave near you.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to celebrate Caves and Karst Day and lots of fun to be had with your family in doing so. Our planet is precious and the more we understand and appreciate it, the better it is for us and it going forward, so why not make the most of Caves and Karst Day?

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