Goats Cheese Day

Goats Cheese Day - Wednesday, June 25, 2025

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Typically when we think of cheese, we imagine fields of cows and massive dairy operations or juicy hamburgers topped with delicious and flavorful cheese. What if we told you that cows are not the only animals whose milk can be used to make cheese? They are by far the most popular, in part due to their ability to produce impressive quantities, but there are other forms of milk that can be made into cheese, and many of them are surprisingly delicious… Goats Cheese Day celebrates one such cheese, and one of the secrets that modern science has hidden in the milk it’s made from.

History of Goats Cheese Day

Goat’s milk has been used to make cheese for centuries, and there are examples of it all over the world. In fact, with every new country that it springs up in new and unique varieties appear by local craftsmen and women. Goat cheese can be made from an incredibly simple process, simply allowing the milk to curdle naturally and then pressing the whey out so only the curds remain. There are certainly other techniques that can be used, such as used some form of acid to help curdle the milk or the traditional rennet that’s used in many other cheesemaking processes.

Like most cheese, goat cheese comes in both hard and soft varieties, but unlike cow’s milk cheese it doesn’t quite melt the same way when heated. Goat cheese can be served with crackers or fruit, though with the firmer cheese contained in rinds heating is often necessary, often baking in an oven, to create a texture with a rich thick texture capable of being spread.

How to celebrate Goats Cheese Day

The best way to celebrate goats cheese day is to get out there and try the cheeses that are local to your area. If you’re in a country where goats cheese is produced, it’s likely that you’ll find a goat farm near your home that produces this delicious dairy treat. You’ll likely be surprised at the sheer variety that’s available, like Chevre with lavender and wild fennel, or the Grecian mizithra cheese. Goats Cheese Day celebrates this delicious cheese and all the varieties it comes in, as well as raising awareness that cows certainly do not reign supreme as a source for delicious cheeses.

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