Chiari Awareness Month

Chiari Awareness Month - September 2024

For many of us headaches are a thing that we live with on occasion, and require no more consideration than a few pain killers and a bit of a lay down. For those suffering from a Chiari Malformation, waking up with a headache is just part of their normal Month, and relief is brief and unpredictable, if it’s experienced at all. Chiari Awareness Month exists to help bring awareness to this condition that, like so many Chronic Diseases, leaves the sufferer looking otherwise perfectly healthy while being an important part of their daily struggle.

History of Chiari Awareness Month

Chiari Awareness Month is celebrated Worldwide. Niagara Falls, the Electric Tower, the Peace Bridge, and several other landmarks across the country illuminate purple the evening of the 11th Annual Conquer Chiari Walk Across America. State officials across the country sign proclamations recognizing September as Chiari Awareness Month. Chiari is a severe neurological condition in which the brain herniates through the cranium putting pressure on the spines and nerves causing crippling pain and life-threatening symptoms that desperately needs more research and awareness.

You can celebrate the Month by participating in one of the local walks in your area taking place September 15th or 22nd depending on your location. You can visit one of the beautifully illuminated landmarks on September 22nd the evening of the Buffalo NY Conquer Chiari Walk. You can become more informed on Chiari and educate yourself at Don’t let Chiari Awareness Month pass you by without taking the time to learn about this condition and how you can be of service, or at least understanding, to those who are suffering from it as part of their daily existence.

How to celebrate Chiari Awareness Month

Unsurprisingly one of the best ways to celebrate this month of awareness is to take the time to learn all you can about the condition and how it effects the lives of those who suffer from it. Every year thousands of people experience the difficulties of living with a Chronic Condition for which there is no cure, and we can make their lives just a little bit easier by being an understanding ear who recognizes the reality of the struggles they face. You can also use Chiari Awareness Month to help raise your awareness about other chronic conditions, and even share information about them with your friends and family. Every little step helps make the world a little bit more friendly for those with Chronic Illness.

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