Chocolate Mint Day

Chocolate Mint Day - Wednesday, February 19, 2025

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Chocolate and mint, while it may seem like an unusual combination, has many benefits. Not only does chocolate help produce serotonin and dopamine, but the combination of that with mint also makes it an overall healthier candy, with mint being a powerful herb that aids in digestion and freshens the breath. So, to celebrate this unique combination, today is Chocolate Mint Day! 

History of Chocolate Mint Day 

The ancient Greeks and Romans valued mint for its ability to aid in digestion, freshen one’s breath, and was used in many different kinds of foods. Mint-flavored chocolates didn’t occur until the late 19th century when solid chocolate was being manufactured as candy.

This aromatic herb, however, combined with chocolate didn’t truly become a popular concept until York peppermint patties came to be during the 1920s. Henry Kessler opened up the York Cone Company during this time, and the company, while it didn’t specialize in the mint concoction it’s known for today, manufactured and produced ice cream cones.

It wasn’t until the 1940’s that the York peppermint patty was created. Mint and chocolate had already existed during this time, but York’s development made the combination a classic and a popular one at that. 

Today, the York Cone Company is now owned by Hershey, and Hershey provides a wide variety of York peppermint patties, with options such as sugar-free, chocolate truffle mints, York peppermint bites, and all kinds of shapes for the various holidays throughout the year.

Now, the combination of mint and chocolate and mint has become a classic – Chocolate Mint Day, sponsored by the National Confectioners Association, is celebrated every year through various activities, mostly with people buying their favorite brand mint chocolate and eating to their heart’s delight.  

How to Celebrate Chocolate Mint Day 

Celebrate Chocolate Mint Day by crafting your own variety of chocolate using fresh mint oil and cocoa powder. Finding a recipe online and trying it out for yourself can be a fun experience overall, and you can make this experience an even more fun one if you host a party and dedicate the entire day towards making mint chocolates.

If you find that to be too difficult of a task, go out to your local grocery store and purchase your favorite brand of chocolate mint and keep it for yourself. You can also give out some York patties for free at your workplace, and tell people about why you love this holiday. 

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