Wear Brown Shoes Day

Wear Brown Shoes Day - Wednesday, December 4, 2024


When you look into the closet by your front door, what do you find? A myriad of shoes in reds and whites, blues and blacks, and even the occasional green.

But how many brown shoes do you own? We’re willing to bet it isn’t many, and that’s a shame! Wear Brown Shoes Day encourages you to add a new shade to your polychromatic footwear, a delightful shade of brown!

History of Wear Brown Shoes Day

Really, it was something of a revolution, and a reclamation. Brown shoes are woefully underrepresented, but one should take a look at the places that they do exist. Brown shoes?

Brown shoes are on the feet of the most intrepid adventurers, with heavy brown leather shoes with durable soles guiding them into the wilderness to see where it takes them. Brown shoes? They were the absolute mark of a man who was both respectable, well-off, and yet relaxed enough to not need the high-polished shine of black patent leather to prove themselves.

No indeed, Brown leather shoes are the mark of those who are fully confident and own themselves, those who are not afraid to walk where angels fear to tread, whether in the world of business or in the great outdoors. Even better, brown shows that what you see is absolutely what you get, that’s why it’s the natural color of leather rather than being dyed to hide its true nature.

Want someone to know they can trust you? Wear brown shoes, especially brown leather shoes, because basic brown means basic confidence, basic trust. You know what else is great about brown shoes? They go great with just about anything, they stand out enough to make a statement without clashing with the rest of your ensemble.

How to celebrate Wear Brown Shoes Day

It’s right there in the name! Wear your best browns on Wear Brown Shoes Day. Do you perhaps not have brown shoes? What a horrible shame! A tragedy! A serious problem!

Or is it, perhaps, an opportunity to get yourself down to the local shoe dealer and pick yourself up your new favorite piece of footwear? That’s what we thought! So on Wear Brown Shoes Day get yourself down to the local cobbler and pick yourself up the best new pair of brown shoes you can find!

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