Crowdfunding Day

Crowdfunding Day - Friday, March 14, 2025

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Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project from small amounts of money coming from a large number of people. While it may seem like a more modern innovation, it actually goes back to the 19th century as an effective way of raising money for causes and projects.

Crowdfunding Day helps teach people about the usefulness of crowdfunding and how it today has changed the lives of businesses all over the world.

History of Crowdfunding Day

Crowdfunding has been around since the 1800s and was founded by the famous French philosopher and sociologist Auguste Comte. In his historical work “Premiere Circulaire Annuelle adressée par l’auteur du Systeme de Philosophie Positive”, he introduced the sociological theory of Positivism to the world.

Positivism refers to the relation between the dependence of theory and observation, relying on the scientific method to assure authentic knowledge. While this abstract concept was in part founded by Comte, Comte used this ideology to help fund his research as a philosopher, ultimately creating the first forms of crowdfunding.

As part of the first crowdfunding success, the philosopher published his work on this day in 1850.

The term for crowdfunding and its more modern success came in 1997, when a British rock band funded their reunion through online donations from their fans. ArtistShare from there forward became the first company to create a crowdfunding platform and from there, the crowdfunding industry kept growing from there.

Today, crowdfunding is a huge part of many businesses economic success and still continues to grow. In 2015, crowdfunding campaigns received a global total of $34 billion, which compared is double the annual budget for the US NASA programme.

The industry is predicted to grow to over $300 billion by 2025, so take the time to celebrate crowdfunding, one of the main ways that the projects you love can come to life.

How to celebrate Crowdfunding Day

If you love what crowdfunding has done for your business, then get your fundraisers going and start a crowdfunding project. Help grow your business by reaching out to people, telling them about your passions and projects and let the money come in.

Help crowdfund for other projects that you know about and send them money. Help business comes to life by sharing this holiday on social media using the hashtag #crowdfundingday.

Let your friends and family know what crowdfunding is all about and celebrate its history in the business industry by talking about the best ways to crowdfund for the passions you love.

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