Professional Speakers Day

Professional Speakers Day - Wednesday, August 7, 2024

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The soft squeal of the microphone can belly many different feelings, but when you are there to listen to someone speak on any number of topics. So this is the day to embrace those that stand up on a stage, and speak about any topic, informing, educating and embracing the very natures they espouse. So help them celebrate Professional Speakers Day by stepping up and learning something today!

History of Professional Speakers Day

One could say this day originally started when people started listening to one another. We have been a race of beings capable of learning for a number of centuries now, and part of that is listening to others’ stories and taking away the lessons they learned. This is the real heart (maybe word is more appropriate!) of Professional Speakers Day; the ability for someone to impart a lesson to us with just the spoken word. Whether it is someone speaking about getting out of debt, or another speaking about faith and the assistance it has provided them.

Maybe it is those that are trying to teach us how to fold an origami crane, or learn to disassemble a combustion engine, every one of these speakers are helping us learn something we did not know before. And that is the hardest part – explaining how to do these things with just the words they speak. Occasionally there are pictures present to assist, but most of the work is done only by the spoken words and a microphone.

How to celebrate Professional Speakers Day

Go and find a few speakers, and attend their seminars or events. Maybe get up on a stage yourself and speak about your own difficulties in an area, and how you overcame them. Giving advice in this kind of setting is not the easiest, indeed many people suffer from being unable to do it. But no matter if you can or can not, maybe you can find a speaker and thank them for their bravery and knowledge. Or apply the knowledge you gain from listening to a speaker….many of them think that it is thanks enough, just knowing they helped someone better themselves in some way. But the difficulties in standing before a crowd and speaking about something they have had difficulty with is empowering to many, and this helps them do even better. So go and listen to them speak, and maybe even give them a great big round of applause for their help!

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