Ingersoll Day

Ingersoll Day - Sunday, August 11, 2024

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Ingersoll Day is all about celebrating the life of Robert G Ingersoll, a political orator that helped revive the influence of Thomas Paine back into the political sphere, and helped think about their relationship with the world in a different light.

Throughout the day, people remember Ingersoll by learning about his life and his beliefs, allowing people to discuss his beliefs and his influence in today’s world. 

History of Ingersoll Day

Robert G Ingersoll may not sound like a familiar name, but Ingersoll is one of the biggest influences for the Golden Age of Reason which occurred during the mid-19th century period in the United States. Ingersoll, one of the most notable freethinkers and orators of his time, was a preacher, abolitionist, and lawyer in his early years.

Once he decided to push his way into the political sphere, his skills as an orator began to shine and his speeches helped people think about reason and science in a better light, despite much of the criticisms he would receive for his philosophies.

Originally, the ideology of the democrats and republicans were switched during this time, so due to his progressive ideas, he switched from Democrat to Republican during his first moments in office.  

When speaking of science and reason, Ingersoll was most famous for his beliefs in agnosticism, the view of the existence of God is unknowable and that humanity isn’t able to provide sufficient enough reason to prove the existence of God. However, due to these beliefs, his ascent into political office was stunted, as many religious preachers and politicians did not like his beliefs.

However, he was friends with some preachers and is most famous for having a friendship with poet Walt Whitman and novel writer Mark Twain. Ingersoll Day celebrates the life of this 19th-century orator, as people celebrate it by learning about his life and exploring his philosophies. 

How to Celebrate Ingersoll Day

Learn all about Ingersoll! Research into some of the key events of his orator’s life and explore his philosophies.

As an orator, he spoke about many different subjects, from Shakespeare to Reformation. As a modern man from a different time, learning about Ingersoll can help people understand not only the man himself but the world around you.

Talk about Ingersoll with your friends and colleagues and help them learn about how he inspired the movement of reason and science to the forefront of the world. 

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