Cosplay Day

Cosplay Day - Monday, August 26, 2024

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Do you have a favorite Character from a movie, an anime, an MMO or manga? Did you ever wonder what it would be to be like to be them? Have you ever wanted to try making a costume? Then Cosplay Day is just the day for you. It is a wonderful way to spend a day being someone else in genres ranging from science fiction to comic books; there are literally thousands you can choose from.

History of Cosplay Day

The art of cosplay began in New York City at the first World Science Fiction convention in 1939. Cosplay itself became more popular in the early 1990’s. The idea of dressing up and being someone different flourished with the expansion of Live action movies, video games, Anime and Comic books. From the idea of being hero’s to villain’s to your favorite character.

It was and still is a popular concept for fandoms at events ranging from movie openings to Live action role play. There are many different types of cosplay from Science fiction to anime,  also virtual games to Board games. If you can find a character you can be that character when it comes to cosplay there are many popular figures when it comes to the cosplay world.

Yaya Han has made a life out of being a cosplayer having earned renown worldwide for her ideas and concepts while doing Cosplay. Professions Like Yaya and others including Jessica Nigiri and Brinke Stevens are among the thousands of cosplayers that are known at conventions around the world for their intricate costuming.

How to Celebrate Cosplay Day

There are many different ways to celebrate this day including going to a convention and modeling the latest character that has peaked your interest and making costumes for others that show the unique personalities of their chosen characters and the parts of themselves they see reflected in those characters.

Some buy their own wigs or enjoy doing their own hair after a certain character’s style or fashion as well as makeup or latex designed to get the effect that they desire. When you are making a costume or wearing one that you bought it can be exhilarating to have the feeling of confidence through portraying the character in the real world.

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