National Make Lunch Count Day

National Make Lunch Count Day - Sunday, April 13, 2025

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Brunch gets the glamour, but let’s be honest, it’s not Easter everyday. That’s where National Make Lunch Count Day comes in.

Somewhere between breakfast, currently branded as the day’s “most important” meal, and dinner, the end-of-the-day repast (that’s right, we used the word “repast”), lies the oft-maligned lunch. You know — that thing you’re eating at your desk right now. If you’re lucky.

Sometimes it’s 3pm before office workers realize they’ve missed it.

So, on April 13, let’s not skip lunch (it’s Saturday, after all).  Salad. Sandwich. Whatever it takes.

Remember, there’s still a whole half-day left.

National Make Lunch Count Day Activities

  1. Arrange a group lunch

    Why not do it together? National Make Lunch Count Day is the perfect excuse to arrange that group lunch that your coworkers have been talking about for months.

  2. Buy a lunch for someone who can't

    While many of us can afford that sandwich, there are a lot of us who can't. If you're in a position to help, consider buying lunch for someone near you who might otherwise struggle to pay for it themselves.

  3. Plan your next week's lunches

    Lunch often becomes an afterthought once you're deep in a pile of work. Consider planning ahead to make sure you'll always have something nutritious to take you from breakfast to dinner!

Why We Love National Make Lunch Count Day

  1. It's a window to the world

    Lunch is the meal most often eaten away from home, and as such, we're usually around a different crowd of people. One way we can really make our lunches count is by finding ways to enjoy it with those around us.

  2. When breakfast gets in the way, lunch saves the day

    We've all had mornings where we're just too rushed to eat before taking off. If it weren't for our lunch breaks, there's no way we'd make it through those days. Lunch can serve as a much-needed afternoon pick-me-up when there's just no time for breakfast.

  3. It breaks up the day

    You'd have a hard time finding a worker who doesn't look forward to their lunch break! After breaking out of those morning blues, lunch can serve as a much-needed hiatus from the day that'll help carry us through to the end.

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