National Slow Cooking Month

National Slow Cooking Month - January 2025

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Chances are there is a slow cooker in your house. Many might wonder, “what is so great about a slow cooker?” Besides easier clean up and more free time on your hands, the slow cooker played a major part in changing the family dynamic in the late twentieth century by letting women go back to work, and still have a home-made meal ready. Let us dig into why January is known as National Slow Cooking month.

National Slow Cooking Month timeline


The “Crock Pot” survives the energy crisis

Due to decreased oil output during the Iranian Revolution, American households relied heavily on the “Crock Pot” because it used the same amount of energy as an incandescent light bulb, compared to running an oven.


“The Beanery” gets a rebrand

Naxon’s product, called “The Beanery,” is rebranded to be called the, “Crock Pot.”


Slow cooker revolution begins

Irving Naxon receives his U.S. patent for a slow bean cooker which was inspired by his grandmothers cooking in Lithuania

  1. Slow Cookers Affected Holy Days

    Slow cookers were first created with religious days in mind, so that families, could still eat a warm meal during those days.

  2. Slow Cooking Goes High Tech

    Some Slow Cookers offer extra functions that allow people to saute meat, steam vegetables, and make yogurt.

  3. America's Favorite Cooking Method

    Over eighty percent of American households own a slow cooker.

  4. Throw-back to Vintage Commercials

    One of the most memorable slow cooker slogans in the twentieth century was, “Cooks all day while the cook’s away.”

  5. Slow Cooking Goes Global

    There are more than six hundred thousand Google searches involving the words, “slow cooker,” every month.

National Slow Cooking Month Activities

  1. Find a new recipe

    Watch cooking shows, and be inspired! Slow cookers are perfect for all types of entrees and desserts.

  2. Host a slow-cooker potluck party

    Invite everyone you know and give them this simple rule — everyone must slow cook their potluck meal. The best part about this party idea is no matter who doesn’t show up on time there will be enough warm food to go around.

  3. Teach children how to cook

    Bond with the little ones in your family by teaching them how to cook. Slow cookers are a safe solution when cooking around children. Whether they're your own children or younger relatives, give kids a chance to prove how responsible they are.

Why We Love National Slow Cooking Month

  1. It's made for convenience

    Whether you are a college student or part of a family of six, slow cookers make the hassle of dinner disappear. No matter what food you cook, as long as you follow the proper safety precautions, your food will be ready by the time you get home.

  2. Clean up is easy

    No more struggling with gross pans and sticky grease surfaces. You can have all the food you want, and all you have to do is wash one pot. Ah, simplicity at its best!

  3. Slow cookers take us back to the good ‘ol days.

    Remember when cooking was not a priority to survival, and someone else use to cook for you? Well, this machine does all the work for you! Slow cookers tend to have this magical power of taking even the most unsavory of recipes and sending you back to your child hood memories of home-made meals.

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