National Spaghetti Day

National Spaghetti Day - Saturday, January 4, 2025

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Though the origins of spaghetti are disputed—whether it was Marco Polo bringing back culinary invention from the East, and Arab trade-route delicacy, or a home-grown Sicilian treat dating back to the 12th Century—we can all agree that a cold night with a big bowl of noodle-y, saucy goodness is balm for the soul. So join us on January 4th as we celebrate National Spaghetti Day with this amazing dish!

National Spaghetti Day Activities

  1. Throw some spaghetti at the wall

    While you're prepping your noodles for dinner, instead of biting into one to see if it's done (ouch, hot!)—try throwing a few cooled strands against the wall. If they stick, they're done!

  2. Host a spaghetti around the world party

    Italian, Chinese, even Indian cuisine can play with spaghetti and make the comfort food classic an international show-stopper. Go beyond sauce and meatballs to include nuts, vegetables and spices to take a trip without leaving your house.

  3. Think outside the box

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your own spaghetti? You don't need a fancy pasta-maker—a rolling pin and knife might work just as well...or spiralize some carrots and beets to add color to you spaghetti bowl.

Why We Love National Spaghetti Day

  1. It's fun

    Cut it up, twirl it, pick it up with your fingers, use a fork and spoon...there are just so many ways to get the spaghetti from the plate into your mouth—which means it can be an easy go-to meal for the busy family that is short on time and big on family meals.

  2. It is versatile

    A rich, thick tomato sauce, seafood stew, a garlicky-cream sauce, or simply mixed with butter, salt and parmesan cheese—spaghetti is the perfect backdrop for all sorts of toppings and flavors. And then, there is the spaghetti itself, handmade or out of the box, made from durum wheat or brown rice, plain or spinach...we could go on for a while!

  3. When done right, it can be healthy, too (really!)

    Look for whole grains and a short ingredient list. Toss with fresh and roasted vegetables, some herbs and a splash of olive oil and you have a tasty meal full of complex carbs and vitamins.

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