National Tater Tot Day

National Tater Tot Day - Sunday, February 2, 2025

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Your love of tater tots likely stems from elementary school (with a little help from the 2004 classic film “Napoleon Dynamite”). However, there’s far more to these little nuggets of potato than that. Did you know they’re considered “fine dining”? At upper-echelon restaurants all across the U.S., you’ll find tater tots on the menu, right next to foie gras. Read more for some crunchy tips on how you can celebrate National Tater Tot Day this February 2.

National Tater Tot Day timeline


National Tater Tot Day officially recognized

Well, because these little (potato) babies need a day all their own. Don't you just want some this minute?


Tater tots invented

Credit a company named Ore-Ida (for Oregon-Idaho). Their slogan? "When it says Ore-Ida, they're all-righta!"


Sonic Drive-In opened

It's a tater tot hot spot now — but they didn't serve them when they first opened.

5 Tot Tidbits

  1. They weren't always in vogue

    People though of them as the "unwanted" parts of potatoes. However, clever marketing — and actually making them more expensive — eventually changed all that.

  2. They aren't called tater tots everywhere

    In Australia, you'll discover that tater tots are not tater tots. They're potato gems.

  3. Americans eat tots — a lot

    Every year, Americans consume a whopping 70 million pounds of tater tots.

  4. The name "tater tot" comes from the slang word for potatoes

    You've likely called a potato a "tater" before. Throw in "tot" — for obvious reasons.

  5. Other names for tater tots

    Potato rounds, potato puffs, tater puffs, potato cylinders, potato nuggets, potato croquettes, baby taters. That's right — potato cylinders.

National Tater Tot Day Activities

  1. Have a tater tot eating contest

    Don't forget — have your favorite condiments (and antacid) on hand.

  2. Head to your favorite fast food restaurant

    There are a plenty in the U.S. that serve them.

  3. Make your own

    Though sometimes restaurants do it better, today is a great day to test your baking skills and make some. You can find great recipes online, or come up with something on your own.

Why We Love National Tater Tot Day

  1. Potatoes are an American staple

    Baked. Scalloped. Au gratin. No arguments here. However, when that potato is a tiny little tot you can just pop in your mouth, well, we seem to love them even more.

  2. Tater tots reduce potato waste

    Did you know that they're made from the leftover parts of french fries? By eating them, you're keeping potato waste to a minimum.

  3. Tater tots are great for "on the go"

    As much as we love a good baked potato, they're not very portable. Ever try to eat one while driving? Tots, on the other hand, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

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