Be Kind To Food Servers Month

Be Kind To Food Servers Month - January 2025

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Every time you go to a restaurant, whether it’s McDonald’s or a ritzy 5 star restaurant, you’re being served by someone who’s part of the food service industry.

These people make everything we love about the eating out experience fantastic, they bring cheer and a bright attitude, and make sure that our families have everything they need to enjoy a special gathering out.

January is Be Kind To Food Servers month, so it’s the perfect time to go out and enjoy a meal with your family, and leave just a little bigger tip than usual to honor those who make it possible.

History of Be Kind To Food Servers Month

The history of Food Servers, especially in recent years, has a tragic understory. They’re some of the hardest working people in the nation, employed in every level of society from restaurants like McDonald’s, all the way up to the Ritzy five star restaurants enjoyed by the stars. In all of them, it is entirely legal to pay them far below the minimum wage, with the concept being that tipping will make up the difference. In some circumstances it’s even possible that the employer won’t have to pay a wage at all, the entirety of their payroll being covered by you, the tipping customer.

Be Kind to Food Servers Month was established by the Department of Labor to make sure that everyone was aware of this disparity, and to call on them to pull a little deeper in their pockets to ensure that the food servers they work with can make ends meet.

How to celebrate Be Kind To Food Servers Month

The best way to celebrate Be Kind to Food Servers Month is to make sure that you tip more than the basic 15%. Go out and show food servers that you appreciate the efforts that they go to when you enjoy your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant.

While it often goes unseen by the customer, there is an entire world behind the walls that the food server has to manage to make sure your experience is enjoyable. If you really want to show them that you care, think about giving them gift certificates to restaurants that they enjoy, or to a place they can buy a great pair of shoes for working.

A Food Servers shoes are their best friend in the workplace, saving their entire body from wear and tear. Be Kind to Food Servers month is your opportunity to give a little back to these people who let us enjoy our lives of luxury.

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